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Bolt-On Hardtail Section For 1963 to 1970 Triumph Motorcycle

Many motorcycles look much better with the simple lines provided by a rear rigid frame. Lowbro Customs hardtail section will setup your custom Triumph about 2” lower and with a 4” stretch wheelbase over stock. This hardtail section features 1.25” tubing and 5/16” thick axle plates and. It can be bolt-on directly to 1963-1970 factory […]

Did You Know? The Story Of The Harley-Davidson Softail Frame.

Introduced in June 1983 as the 1984 Harley-Davidson FXST Softail, the Softail frame was not designed by the Milwaukee factory. It is the creation of Bill Davis, a Harley enthusiast and engineer from St Louis, Missouri. In 1974 and 1975 Davis worked in his garage on the concept of a rear suspension frame where a […]

Replacement Frame For Road King

Part of their current series of replacement frames Paughco is now offering this precision fit frame for Road King. It’s a perfect replacement for stock 1998 and up FLT frames. The Paughco FLT chassis comes with 28° rake and accepts Twin Cam 88 and Evolution engines with matching touring model transmissions. It is also designed […]

Paughco 45 Bobber/Chopper Frame

This awesome new frame from Paughco will allow you to build yourself a very cool chopper using that ole 45-incher that’s been serving as a door stop for the past few of decades. Better yet the new Paugho 45 frame allows you to toss that old 3-speed and replace it with a 74 4-speed. The […]

Troubadour Gas Tank Now Sold By Fat Katz

Don Baumunk, President of Fat Katz Inc, a leader in high quality steel gas tanks and fenders, just informed me that he purchased the “Troubadour” gas tank tooling from Independent Gas Tank Company . You will now be able to purchase very sleek “Troubadour” gas tanks in various widths and lengths directly from Fat Katz […]

Ready To Assemble Racing Chassis

US Choppers is producing a chassis named “Factory Race Platform” reminiscent of motorcycles from the mid teens. Using it as a base you can build a vintage looking bike or a modern custom showing its heritage. Of course this chassis is hand crafted for precision fit, with in mind strength and durability on the road […]

Custom Frame. You Think It. Rolling Thunder Makes It Right.

Like me you have seen (hope not experienced) too many beautiful bad/dangerous custom motorcycle frames. Too often, very good ideas turn into disasters because frame integrity is sacrificed for creativity. You don’t improvise yourself motorcycle frame manufacturer. Bring your ideas, but let the pros produce them. A few years ago, when frame expert Rolling Thunder […]

Paughco Single Down Tube Frames.

Paughco is one of the oldest manufacturers of custom and replacement frames for Harley-Davidson motorcycles. They offer now single down tube configuration for their stock & wide tire rigid frames. Shown here is the Sportster version coming complete with your choice of straight or curved 1 ¾” down tube, 1 ¾” backbone, hidden axles and […]

Single-Sided Swingarm. Oil Tank Incorporated.

You know that there is not sleek bike without building it from a great frame. What about the swingarm which I consider an inherent part of the frame? Ever tempted, but afraid, by the idea to use a single-sided swingarm? Well, this post to give you a great source to install one either on any […]

West Coast Choppers Exotic CFL II Chassis

Remember that exotic CFLII chassis Jesse James used on his bright crowd stopper red bike a while back? You know the one with the radical monocoque look. Well, West Coast Choppers is now making a limited number of these unique frames available to consumers. Actually they are being offered in a kit form with a number of unique […]

Rolling Thunder Rubber Mount Frame Series

You all know that a rubber-mounted engine gives you the most comfortable riding experience. You can go to a Harley Dealer and buy one of their rubber mounted engine bikes. But since you are going to customize it (drop seat, fat tire, more rake, more stretch anyone?) maybe you are better off building your own […]

From The Mind Of Rick Fairless. The Bettie Frame.

You knew Rick Fairless ultra custom bike named “Bettie”. Now discover the innovative frame that Rick used to build it. Not the average frame for the average project. This one-of-a-kind frame is now available and will help you build a very radical bike without having to fabricate any body sheet metal. As you can see, […]

Rolling Thunder Sweet Amber Softail Chassis Kit.

Many of you don’t wish or are not expert at welding and prefer an all-in-one sheet metal chassis where everything is setup correctly in advance by the manufacturer. No more head ache with steel twisting after each round of weld (frame/fender/gas tank). No more nervous breakdown trying to align and or/offset your drive line. But […]

Rolling Thunder Custom Motorcycle Frames

During these last weeks you commented a lot about frame welding and integrity. When talking about quality frames, you even mentioned Rolling Thunder Manufacturing as an example of a company producing strong and reliable frames. They use CMM which stands for “Coordinate Measuring Machine” , to verify that all of their products are accurate within […]

A 250 MM Wide Tire Bagger Done Right

When 2 of the best of our industry work together, you get innovative solutions opening new avenues for the customization of our bikes. The objective that Rolling Thunder Frames and Baker Drivetrain wanted to reach was to offer an easy process to build a radical good looking, well balanced and comfortable 250 mm rear tire […]

The Return Of Independent Gas Tank Company.

I was glad to learn that founder of Independent Gas Tank Company Kyle Krejci is back in business. After a deal to sell his company fell through last year, Kyle took a one year break and is now back in Gilbert, Arizona, where he restarted producing his handcrafted 16-gauge cold rolled steel tank and 14-gauge steel […]

Anita Kohler Builds A Chopper. Tiki Pretty.

        Anita Kohler and Peter Penz are life and business partners at Penz Custombikes in Austria. They specialize in fancy & rock solid frames that I have used on my customs and also sold with success in the United States. One year ago they sent me the 1st pictures of their Tiki […]

Hot Shocks From Progressive Suspension

Thanks to water-jet technology, you can now extend to your shocks the flame theme of your paint job. This is the first new product from Progressive Suspension for 2008. The company used their road proven multi-stage velocity sensitive damper system with 5 position pre-load adjuster, and combined it with water jet cut flamed cans. Shocks are provided […]

Klock Werks New Flare Windshield

A windshield has never been the sexiest part of a touring motorcycle. But a lot can be done to improve its cosmetics and its efficiency. Here an example called the Flare Windshield. This one was developed in a wind tunnel and proven on the Salt Flats of Bonneville during a bagger speed world record attempt and […]

DeepSickness Bars For Wicked Custom Bikes.

Greg at Greg’s Custom Cycles has a taste for bikes and parts with an aggressive stance. So, he created a line called "DeepSickness" already including a monster front end and several sets of bars. The model shown here is a tri-point design offered pre-drilled or already prepared for internal throttle use. 1 1/2" DOM steel tubing, 32" wide, […]

Sprocket Gas Cap By Covington Customs.

Shaped like a sprocket you will have no difficulty unscrewing this one. Sold vented or not vented, in polish or chrome, with a steel or aluminum bung to be welded to your gas tank. And if you ride a factory Harley still equipped with its factory gas tank, an adapter is also available. Covington Customs 

Peanut Gas Tank For Almost Peanuts

Here it is! It is called the Instigator Gas Tank and modeled after the vintage Wassel tanks.  It holds about 2.2 gallons if you fancy the Frisco style (shown) or 2 gallons if you go for the deep tunnel. All tanks have a late style 74+ screw in gas cap bung, along with a female […]

Envision Engineering Tank Shells

Envision Engineering is a full service manufacturing company that specializes in the deep draw forming of sheet metal components. Products engineered and manufactured by Envision can be seen on several of the top OEM American made motorcycles, including after market fenders and covers for Harley Davidson. They also sell retail the shells as shown. Each […]

New Rocker Softail Seat System

I received a flow of direct emails (please, comment directly on the Blog for everybody to read) regarding the new 2008 Softail Rocker (FXCW) and Rocker C (FXCWC). Reactions not only about what Harley-Davidson calls the Rockertail Rear End mimicking the hardtail look, but also about the seat systems used on these bikes. Here are 2 […]

Muskrat Seat Pan By Fabricator Kevin

              I posted several times about the work of Fabricator Kevin. For the garage or shop builder looking to install a solo seat, Kevin proposes this 10 gauge steel laser cut pan. After being formed it is equipped with a built-in nose hinge assembly that utilizes a bearing pivot […]

Ever Dream To Change Your Harley In A Racer?

I know a few custom builders who are taking this direction. They take a big American V-Twin and stuff it into a sport bike chassis that they hand fabricate. But it’s always for a one-off project. As the opposite, the idea of Curt Winter, owner and designer of Big Twin Racer, is to offer a […]

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