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Front Wheel Mini Drum Brake

Kustom Tech offers some of the best designed custom motorcycle parts of the industry in the worst looking and slowest working website I have seen in a long time! Better than the opposite… Anyway, their front wheel mini drum brake (5″ 1/8 diameter) is going to be a very hot item with all those looking […]

New And Very Interesting. Rick‘s Adjustable Brake And Clutch Levers

This is what you may have waited for during a long time… An adjustable hand lever that your hands are going to love for your front brake and clutch. Ergonomics based on the longtime experience of ABM-Fahrzeugtechnik. It is now adapted for use on all Harley-Davidson models. Ergonomics combining superb design and finish with multiple […]

Should You Dismiss Anti-Lock Braking System When You Buy A New Motorcycle?

A new study by the Highway Loss Data Institute (HDLI), an organization doing scientific studies of insurance data representing the human and economic losses resulting from the ownership and operation of different types of vehicles and supported by auto insurers, shows that anti-lock brakes, despite their unpopularity, reduce motorcycle crashes.  The study demonstrates the benefit […]

Do You Even Care For Your Brake Cables?

From Spectro Performance Oils. Your motorcycle cables play a crucial role in keeping your bike on the road, but most riders neglect them until they fail. A few simple tips can save you time, money and prevent you from being stranded on the road with a broken cable. When lubricating the control cables on your […]

Cool Stainless Steel Brake Brackets

Conceived for the Super Freni 2-piston brake (featured here) this line of brackets are built in stainless steel, laser cut and available for front and rear application with 11,5″ disc rotor. The front brackets are available for 39mm and 41.2mm Showa forks from the year 1986 to 1999 and for springer brackets mounted on floating […]

Italian Brake Sprocket

Regarding rear braking, everybody’s leaning on just one side for sprocket and brake. Either called Sprockster, or brake/sprocket, installed right or left, may models are already available. But this one from Kustom Tech is a little bit more minimalistic with more groove details in the 2-piston caliper that you may like. Available for 3/4″ or […]

New Brembo Master Cylinder And Brake Caliper

In 2 weeks, Brembo will release a series of new braking products. For motorcycle dealers only, the company will host a press conference at the 2012 Dealer Expo in Indianapolis. The press conference is to introduce several new products for Custom Bikes, includingg a new Brembo caliper and master cylinder, as well as a new Marchesini wheel. February […]

Performance Machine Launches Its Biggest Catalog Ever. Promotes Kelli Murrow As Director Of Sales & Marketing

For more the 40 years, Performance Machine has been rolling along as the industry leader in brakes, wheels and performance accessories because of passion synonymous with the brand. “Our well-oiled operation is known for both its innovation and attention to details. a direct result of the top-notch people behind the brand” says company President Mark […]

To Be Launched. New 16″ Rotor Oversized Brake Caliper Kit.

You see it first here before it is officially introduced to motorcycle dealers at the V-Twin Expo in Cincinnati (Feb. 4-6, 2012), then made available to all of you. From Aaron Glenn, the man who 2 years ago introduced the awesome, and somewhat expensive , “Internal Brake 3-piece wheel”, a new idea to improve braking […]

Super Freni Nostalgic 2-Piston Brake Caliper

No doubt the most innovative brake caliper design in a very long time. Especially if you wish to emphasize the nostalgic look of your bike, stock or custom. The  2-piston Super Freni (Italian for brake) brake caliper is made in Italy from forged aluminum for superior rigidity and CNC milled for precise tolerances and superior […]

BDL’s New GMA 500 Series Calipers For Harley-Davidson Touring Models

Designed specifically for 2008-2012 H-D Touring models, these high performance billet calipers are CNC machined and assembled at the BDL factory. They provide Bagger riders with all the benefits of cutting edge technology, the finest materials, American craftsmanship and superior performance. Each caliper has solid stopping power and reliability, nice lines and and finish. Available […]

In ABS Light Case, Woman Sues And Loses Her Case Against Harley-Davidson

It was an interesting legal case because jury decision could have affected production for many motorcycle manufacturers. Background: In 2009 Judy Wilson, 50, was riding on the back of her husband 2008 Road Glide when he crashed and she suffered severe brain damage. She joined her now estranged husband in a lawsuit against Harley-Davidson where […]

Brake Light Switch Manifold

To cover and protect your brake light switch, a billet brake line manifold that bolt directly to the rear transmission cover bolts and is designed to be compatible with Big Twin Evo and and TwinCam setups, either left or right side drive.  It fits over your stock brake light switch offering protection and a clean […]

Streamline Patented Internal Throttle, Lines And Fittings

While in Daytona Beach for Biketoberfest, talked to Austin Weiss from Streamline Designs who explained to me that he is now the sole owner of his company and that after many battles he succeeded to have all knockoffs of his patented internal throttle removed from the market. His system doesn’t require any welding, is fitted […]

Even A Speed King Needs Cool Brakes

Custom Builder Jeff Cochran, a.k.a. SpeedKing. just released a full line of braking products called “Rush Hour Racing” A faithful to brakes brand Wilwood, all his brackets were designed around the Wilwood single and double 4-piston calipers but will accept many others with 3.5″ distance between ear mounts like Performance Machine, JayBrake, Midwest, DNA, etc… All […]

Brembo Helmets

​In its 50 years of existence (celebrated this year), Brembo has secured a prestigious place for itself in the automotive braking system sector. Not only for automobiles, including Formula One race cars, but also since 1972 for motorcycles. But what is the relation between brakes and helmets. Apparently none, except that the Brembo Group is […]

Motorcycle ABS Technology Benefits To Be Evaluated Again With In-situation Study.

When braking hard, we all know that locking up motorcycle wheel(s) will create unbalance and will easily put you down. ABS systems, via their sensors, are supposed to detect when a bike’s wheels are about to lock up, rapidly releasing and reapplying braking pressure to allow the motorcycle to slow while the wheels keep turning […]

Performance Machine Brake System For Harley-Davidson Trikes

It was missing in the Performance Machine brakes line-up. No more. PM just announced the addition of their Stage I Brake System for Harley-Davidson trikes. Their engineers have combined their 4-piston caliper with the integrated race technology of their Rear Contour Master Cylinder to create an innovative brake system.  “This new 4-piston system provides more […]

Drum Brake Vent

James Maund is a third generation parts maker based in Los Angeles. There he specializes in old motorcycles and what can make them run and look better. To his line of parts he just added this Brake Vent designed to fit most drum brake plates which, in most cases, are very bland. So now you […]

V-Twin Expo. Beringer Brakes To Launch 2 New Parts.

The US Division of French manufacturer Beringer Brakes will participate to the Cincinnati V-twin Expo (Feb. 5-7) to present its new 2011 products.  Here is a preview of two of them.  First,  new hand controls with a 3-button switch system being integrated into the master cylinder for a cleaner look. Available for both brake and […]

Hawg Halters Sprocket Brake System. Improved.

Born in Sweden decades ago, many times copied, then adapted and improved the Sprocket Brake System for chain drive is everywhere on new built custom motorcycles. Especially the ones looking for a retro look. What about the fact that a chain is more forgiving than a belt when you have, over time, a very slight problem […]

Perimeter Disc Rotors Installed On Spoke Wheels

You saw this type of brake system on a few custom motorcycles. And you thought it was beautiful and a good way to show your custom wheel. In single or dual version, front or rear wheel, they are not available as a complete kit from your favorite wheel vendor. 

Fourth of July Week. Free Shipping On All Products At Baker Drivetrain.

Fourth Of July. Celebration of Declaration of Independence from the Kingdom of Great Britain. A day associated with fireworks, parades, barbecues, carnivals, fairs, picnics, concerts, baseball games, political speeches, ceremonies … and free shipping at Baker Drivetrain. This week leading to the 4th of July on Sunday, all orders you place online at Baker Drivetrain give […]

New And Interesting. Scratch Free Black Brake Rotors.

On May 28, I posted about a company called Ray Gun using a technology called Atomic-Forged process (exotic metal ions bombarded on components) to create unprecedented levels of hardness, wear and corrosion resistance on your motorcycle brake rotors. These rotors are supposed to remain beautiful and scratch free for the lifetime of your motorcycle. And […]

Motorcycle Manufacturers Under Brake Pressure

Expect the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration to require very soon antilock brakes (ABS) on all new motorcycles, all this under the pressure of insurance companies. Because some motorcycle manufacturers were reluctant to make the systems standard, the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (representing insurance companies) ordered a study whose main conclusion is that motorcycles […]

New Motorcycle Central Brake Wheel System

This one coming from Italy by a company called Brakko. Better than a long speech, and although titles are in Italian, this very good video animation clearly explains how it is conceived, installed and disassembled. Your thoughts?  (I know, music sucks)