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Learning The English Wheel

Despite the fact that thousands of English wheel machines have been sold the past ten years (thanks in big part for custom builders “build-off” TV shows), there is currently no book dedicated to English wheeling. So, because of the lack of detailed published material, many owners of these machines are at a loss on how […]

Holiday Gift For Your Kids. Bikers Are Animals. 4th In A Series Of Children’s Books.

I liked very much – and my grand children too – the first 3 “Bikers Are Animals” children’s books by avid motorcyclist, author and cartoonist Paul Jamiol. Each of his books bring young readers into a world of motorcycle-riding animals, breaking down the stereotype that anyone who rides a motorcycle is bad and inspiring a […]

Want To Build A Café Racer?

It’s never a bad idea to start reading advice from those in the know. Written by well-known motorcycle and automotive author Doug Mitchel, How to Build a Café Racer starts with a history lesson. While those bikes were originally built in the UK for racing from café to café, the rage for Café Racers spread […]

1000 Biker Tattoos

Since I publish this news website – already 7 years – I must have written a dozen of book reviews regarding the art of tattoos. So, why one more? Not because it was released just a few days ago, but because as far as I know, it’s the only one specifically and exclusively dedicated to […]

There Are No strangers When You Are Riding Around The World. Only Friends You Haven’t Met.

A few years ago he quit his job and got on his motorcycle and proceeded to ride around the world. Alone! During the last 3 years he rode 62,000 miles on a BMW GS motorcycle through 35 countries on 5 continents. His name is Allan Karl, an author, photographer and brand strategist. And as you can […]

The 100 Most Exceptional Motorcycles Of The 20th Century. The Ultimate Book. $695.

It’s the collection of motorcycles that nobody will ever own. The impossible collection of what experts consider the 100 most exceptional motorcycles created during the 20th century. A collection you can get in your living room if you are ready to pay the price. $695. Why this price? Because this book, as it should be, […]

Hoka Hey Challenge. A Former New York Times Reporter Tells His Account On The Transcontinental Motorcycle Race.

Michael Brick, a former New York Times Reporter, just published an ebook about Hoka Hey. He wrote to me: “Since you’ve been the source of the most comprehensive and definitive coverage of the Hoka Hey Motorcycle Challenge, I thought you might like to know about my account of the 2011 running.” The Kindle purchase price […]

Daytona Rally Picture Book

During the last 13 years, photographer Jack McIntyre has covered most of the motorcycle and car events and rallies around the country, from coast to coast and abroad. His Bikerpics Website showcases a huge amount of his photography of the lifestyle, of custom builders with their creations, of stunning models and of you in attendance… […]

One Man’s Obsession. The Ultimate Triumph Collection.

The Triumph legend is cemented by numerous land speed records and race track successes and of course it did help a lot in the 50″s and 60’s that Steve McQueen and Marlon Brando rode their bikes. Most iconic models? Probably The Thunderbird, Bonneville, Tiger and Trident. One of the most obsessed men with the with […]

The Harley In The Barn. Tales Of Motorcycle Archeology.

If you can’t pass a padlocked garage without wondering if there is a great old bike stashed inside, this is your book. Among all our fantasies – we all have quite a few – collectors put the one of re-discovering an old long-forgotten motorcycle at the top of their list. The Harley in the Barn offers 40- […]

How to Rebuild and Restore Classic Harley-Davidson Big Twins 1936-1964

Into restoring an old classic Harley-Davidson from the glorious period, years 1936 to 1964? You should add this new book to your workbench or bedside stand. We all know that being a collector and/or rider of these motorcycles implies a lot of pleasure but also sometimes a lot of frustrations with machines known to be, […]

Bean’re Motorcycle Nomad. The Real Meaning Of Being Free.

Bean’re is a well known character in the motorcycle industry and beyond. If you still don’t know him, don’t count among his many friends around the world, here is your opportunity to discover the man before you meet him in one of the many motorcycle events he attends all year long (just look for his […]

Top Chop. An Every Day Chopper.

Traditional choppers will never go out of style and today’s chopper era could be characterized by this one featuring the best of hand-crafted appearance without the gaudy accessories often seen on some “chopper models” produced by now defunct “small production custom motorcycle” companies.

Custom Bike Building Basics For The Backyard Garage Mechanic.

Pro-builders know and use a lot of tricks to get around the difficulties they encounter daily while custom building one-off bikes. If you are a backyard garage mechanic, you want to know as many of these tricks as possible. In this new book, through 3 start-to-finish assemblies (1 Shovelhead, 2 Panheads) built on a working […]

How To Tune And Modify Your Motorcycle Engine.

Performance. It’s always a favorite topic of discussion. We all want to get the most out of our bikes but engine management can be overwhelming for most bikers. Fortunately, there are a lot of products available, more of them being able to tune and manage your engine for improve performance whatever the custom add-on parts […]

The American Motorcycle Girl’s Cannonball Diary by Cris Sommer Simmons

In September 2010, 50 riders participated to an historical 16-day and 3300 mile coast to coast ride on pre-1916 motorcycles. Among them, the only American woman was Cris Sommer Simmons riding “Effie”, her beloved 1915 Harley-Davidson. After a grueling 2-week endurance ride, only 37 riders arrived in Santa Monica and Cris was among them and […]

Leading Lady Cris Sommer Simmons By David Uhl

While in Sturgis, I saw David Uhl still working on this new masterpiece oil painting named “leading Ladies” The idea for this portrait of Cris Sommer-Simmons germinated when David joined both the start and finish of the inaugural Cannonball Run, in which Cris was the only American woman toparticipated. Her impressive 20th place finish paid […]

2011 BUB Motorcycle Speed Trials Digital Yearbook. Only $9.99.

A very high quality BUB Motorcycle Speed Trials photographic yearbook containing 300 action pictures of the fastest motorcycles on our planet. Ready to download on your computer, tablet, smart phone for only $9.99. What a gift. This is the first time that “Master Of The Long Lens” Scooter Grubb makes this yearly book is available […]

2011 BUB Motorcycle Speed Trials Yearbook

Every year it takes 3 months to master photographer Scooter Grubb to sort, organize, upload several hundreds of his best photography on his website Scooter Shoots. His 2011 Speed Trials Yearbook includes 336 images of bikes shot at full racing speed. You can pick the image(s) of your choice, then drop him a note with […]

The Art Of The Harley-Davidson Motorcycle

Not just another Harley book. Not only a larger number of bikes (stock and CVO’s), excellent pictures by photographer David Blattel, but even more important a very well written and informative text by Dain Gingerelli whose background includes the job of editor in no less than 6 motorcycle magazines. The colorful evolution of Harley-Davidson, its […]

Restoring A Classic Triumph Motorcycle

The 60’s, 70’s and beginning of the 80’s were the best decades for British motorcycle manufacturer Triumph. The demise of the company in 1983 re-enforced the legendary status of the brand and “Bonnies” are right now some of the most sought-after motorcycles for restoration or customization. Since I know many of you are working on them […]

Fast Dates 2012 Best Bikes And Most Beautiful Models Calendars

Every year photographer Jim Gianatsis shoot pictures of the best bikes and most beautiful models of the year and publish them in several theme calendars. Iron & Lace Custom Bikes, World Superbikes& Moto GP  and Garage Girls calendars. And in 2 of these 2012 editions Tiffany Toth  appears with some pretty cool bikes including the […]

The Biker Chicz Of 2011 Sturgis Bike Week

They are much more than ladies enjoying motorcycling for the simple and unique pleasure of casual riding. They all embrace  other linked activities like racing, publishing, raising money for diverse charities, promoting the sport to other women, building motorcycles, painting them, engraving chrome or designing parts and gear conceived for them. They are today the […]

Learning Motorcycle Sheet Metal Fabrication With Bryan Fuller

If you are in Sturgis and do some work on your bike yourself, stop by the the Fuller Hot Rods booth between 4th & 5th street on Lazelle. Not only will you admire his new Cafe Racer style creation (I will feature it soon in my Blog and you can also see it in the […]

Full-Bore Sheet Metal. A New How-To Book By Bryan Fuller

No cool custom bike without at least some sheet metal fabrication. And it’s where many fail… Bryan Fuller, the owner of Fuller Hot Rods and also co-host of  “Two Guy’s Garage” on the Speed Channel, and Mark Prosser, a Certified Welding Expert (CWI/CWE) teacher, have been working during 2 years on this new book focusing on custom […]

Jesse James American Outlaw Book Released Today. What’s In It?

Jesse is hitting the radio and TV talk show tour to promote his new book. In it Jesse tells it all about what he calls “a crazy life, a wild ride, from a volatile upbringing to becoming a successful motorcycle builder, then a TV personality, his 3 failed marriages and eventually finding salvation in the […]

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