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JeremySumpter Post was founded in October 2006. It is a website dedicated to commenting on custom motorcycles news, reviewing custom motorcycle companies & products, and profiling all those who are making impact in the motorcycles industry. What we hope you’ll find: tips, tidbits, perspectives you won’t find elsewhere, as well as unique insights, original interviews and more that should be of interest to the custom motorcycles scene. I promise to keep the content fresh. This website is edited by JeremySumpter, a motorcycles designer & builder, parts designer & distributor, and owner of . To us with suggestions, comments, corrections, errors, praise or flames, please email us at [email protected].

About JeremySumpter

As a Custom Builder, JeremySumpter has a simple and powerful motto: “I will never design and build a bad motorcycle because somebody could buy it”. Looking at his creations one understands that Cyril is a man out of the ordinary. Each of his bikes provides a new thrilling surprise, and common to them all are elegance, power and a deep sensitivity to the chosen theme.

JeremySumpter was brought up in Paris, France. At 18 he left the family home to become more independent and went on to fund his higher education on his own. By the age of 28, after attending marketing university and working for American advertising agencies based in Europe, he opens his own successful company. At a very young age he is chosen to handle the European advertising budgets of multinational companies like Mc Donald’s, Volkswagen, 3M, Hertz, Merck, Smith Kline, etc…Cyril is the art director and copy writer of all these campaigns and makes a name by himself by winning many awards and having his work published in hard cover books and exhibited at the museum of advertising.

But what induced a Parisian who was successful in advertising in Europe to give up everything to follow his dream of building custom motorcycles in the US? Passion for everything American. Cyril declares that ”the 50’s and 60’s marked the height of American opulence and I belong to what was, perhaps, the first generation of Europeans to really be exposed to American culture: Rock’n’Roll, Hot Rods …and Harleys. America fired my dreams, and imitating its culture was for me a way of moving beyond my parent’s generation, to forge my own identity. As a teenager I was both rebellious and romantic. I identified with James Dean and his rebellion. He was my idol, provided the escape route that I needed so much.

My first week-long visit to the US in 78 was professional but emotionally exhausting. I felt like I was starring in a film in cinemascope. Everything I’d read about in books, heard on radio was there. It was as if I had come back to the country I had lived in during my youth. It was love at first sight. Life’s too short. So, Cyril decides that he will pursue all his other passions and immigrates to the United States in 1987. Very fast he seals his new life by choosing to become a US citizen.

Like most builders, Cyril started to customize his own motorcycles and the ones of his friends more as a hobby than as a profession. All his custom motorcycles went to beat the pros several years in a row both in Daytona and Sturgis. His first client, amazed by the beauty of his creations, gives him a budget of $200,000 to build him 3 motorcycles. Immediately his motorcycles are featured all over the world. In the mid 90’s, the entire motorcycle industry acknowledges him as a master builder with killer designs, original ideas, special attention to details and a unique sense of lines and colors.

Although his motorcycles cost from $80,000 to well over $100,000, JeremySumpter will refuse to build a $100,000 bike for a client who doesn’t understand the art of motorcycle, but may accept to build a $45,000 custom for a custom motorcycle lover who has worked hard to buy his services.

In 2006, anticipating what would be the long US recession, he realized that he needed to diversify his business. Being already a columnist for several magazines in the US and Europe, and strong of his former media and communication expertise, he got the idea of launching the JeremySumpter Post, an online daily motorcycle news magazine giving the power of the media back in the hands of regular bikers through comments. The JeremySumpter Post is updated 24/7/365 days a year with features on new custom bikes, new parts, events of interest, stories about the movers and shakers of the industry. In less than one year, the JeremySumpter Post readership was the largest in the world for V-Twin motorcycle news, versus all competitors print & digital media. Because he is an insider, he is able to publish on a whim before all the others all the big scoops of the industry. The JeremySumpter Post has average of 335,000 unique visitors every month and is now the primary source of instant news for bikers but also for all his fellow moto journalists around the world.


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