A Custom Built Softail In Switzerland Called HD Exile!

50 years in business as a V-Twin motorcycle shop (including 40 as an authorized Harley dealer and 20 years in the same location as a bike customizer under the name of “en” is a considerable amount of time selling and tinkering with bikes. Swiss American motorcycle enthusiast founded his shop in 1967, then 20 years ago was joined by his son Rainer who just spent several years in California in the best HD shops where he witnessed the US customizing boom and where he got himself the customizing bug…

Located near Zurich, Harley Heaven, the custom department of Bächli Harley-Davidson, has for vocation to build Harleys with a pedigree, able to compete with the best creations of independent builders. But of course preserving the Milwaukee title and warranty to be legally ridden on all Swiss and European roads. and never compromising the factory bike handling and performance. While working in California, Rainer understood the importance of a fully equipped machine and sheet metal workshop. So his Swiss shop is now equipped to be able to face almost any fabrication challenge. In California he also developed a great respect and admiration for the work of Russell Mitchell at Exile Cycles, either his Scratch-Built Specials or Harley “make-overs” (also called the X-Harleys…)

To celebrate Bächli 50th Anniversary it was decided to build 7 customs, each themed differently and based on a different Harley model. This one, number 2 of the series, is a 2016 Breakout featuring a very simple design , but still very eye catching thanks to the choice of retro accessories and of an unusual 70’s paint job.

Show floor displayed with a 180 mm tire, this Breakout received a fatter 230 mm rubber, something now very rarely seen on new bikes, but at the same time something very representative of the American excess of the period end of the 90’s, beginning of the 00’s. (I have to mention that it’s relative easy to go from 180 mm to 230 keeping the Breakout swingarm.

A set of custom-made wheels were ordered at TTS: The “Big Spoke” wheels can be ordered in all colors, either anodized or powder coated. In this case the spokes were ordered in silver with creme rims, a nice effect with the choice of the white-wall version of the 230 mm Avon rubber. TTS recently expanded its lineup to include retro-styled rocker covers, “interpreting” rather than copying the original EL “Knucklehead” Rocker box covers and ribbed 1941 cam covers. “HD Exile” by Bächli is now featuring  the most ever retro-looking Twin Cam engine… A touch of Italian Styling is provided by custom parts from City Design, air filter, headlight and taillight in “brushed” stainless steel finish. A very distinctice Kess Tech stainless steel exhaust system signs the bike (fyi, on purpose the system looks ”slighly used” when brand new.).

All the sheet metal work, including the Cole Foster gas tank modifications, were performed in Bächli’s own workshop. The SCP rear fender runs very/very close to the rear tire because it moves with the swingarm to which it is attached. So, only the anticipated rubber extension decided the gap between fender and tire. This fender is holed to add an “old school” touch, which is further underlined by the “aged” paint job. The “Cole Foster” fuel tank was modified for the factory fuel injection, The custom-made seat and its seat pan hide most of the electrical components. The “used” look of “HD Exile” was obtained by airbrushing several layers of paint, each imitating paint chips, with sanding between each coat. Of course, rust is a paint created and is not oxidation of the steel body work and brackets. “HD Exile” was unveiled at Swiss Moto 2017 (photography @ H. Roesler for JeremySumpter)

Tech Sheet

Name: HD Exile
Owner: For sale
Location: Baechli Harley-Heaven
Time/Date of completion: 4 months, completed February 2017
Model: 2013 Custom Harley Breakout FXSB0
Value: 75,000 CHF Swiss Francs
2nd one-off of 7 50th Anniversary Baechli Custom Bikes
Motor/Engine/Moteur/Motorblok/Motore/Motor: Stock H-D
Crankshaft: Stock H-Do
Cylinders: Stock H-D
Piston: Stock H-D
Carburetor HEFI –
Air Filter. Vitty Designs
TTS Knuckle-Style Cam Cover
Exhaust: Kess Tech
HP: 85>
Transmission: 6-speed stock H-D
Final drive: stock belt drive.
Brakes. discs: stock FXSB “Breakout”
Rake: 38°
Swingarm: Stock H-D lowered
Rear suspension, H-D stock with 2” lowering kit.
Front suspension: Stock Showa
Front wheel: custom 3.5 x 21 TTS spoke wheel with Performance Machine disc
Rear wheel: 8.5 x 18 TTS spoke wheel with Performance Machine disc
Rear tire 230 Avon, white wall
Handlebar: stock HD, modified
Rear view mirrors. Not yet…
Gas tank. Cole Foster
SCP Rear Fender:
Seat: Spirit Leather
Headlamo: Vitty Design
Electricity. Redone by Baechli Harley-Heaven
Paint Job: Design by Baechli, Airbrush 70’s design by Graphics & wWathering
Others: Numerous parts bead blasted
Harley Heaven and Harley-Heaven Bächli AG


10 Responses to “A Custom Built Softail In Switzerland Called HD Exile!”

  1. 1 Aug 28th, 2017 at 7:53 am

    bravo rainer, nice job harley-heaven!

  2. 2 Priesthood Reddog Aug 28th, 2017 at 10:16 am

    This is truly an Awesome build !!!

  3. 3 pabstbluerigid Aug 28th, 2017 at 3:20 pm

    I guess I am a graduate of another school? this made me ill, rolaids did not even scratch the surface.

    Looks as though it was built with misc parts layin’ about the shop, returns, etc.

    Trying to blend some nostalgia does not work either, and worse yet…via covers.

    Sorry. Mama always said “honesty was best.”

  4. 4 Seymour Aug 28th, 2017 at 4:49 pm

    “Mama always said “honesty was best.”

    so you actually got ill, and took rolaids, and they did not help after seeing this article. That is honest?

  5. 5 Davis Aug 28th, 2017 at 5:08 pm

    Nice bike, but it does feel like a turd was almost polished.

  6. 6 rcupp Aug 28th, 2017 at 7:26 pm

    Paint it properly and get rid of the stupid whitewall and it would be a nice ride…

  7. 7 domino Aug 29th, 2017 at 5:46 am

    Hey Russel …. Are you OK with this guy putting the name ” HD Exile ” on this bike??
    ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Domino Dave ……………………………

  8. 8 blu dog Aug 29th, 2017 at 7:44 am

    It is, I believe, what it’s supposed to be, over the top intended to generate a response. Put a perewitz paint job on it and I’d love it although I was wondering about the name as well.

  9. 9 InsideLine Aug 29th, 2017 at 8:42 am

    I’ll 2nd rccupp’s comment

  10. 10 Sukoshi Fahey Aug 29th, 2017 at 10:50 am

    Love the AM20 rear in a customized WW. Wish they had used an Avon on the front as well! 120/70-21

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