Screamin’ Eagle Street Cannon Performance Slip-on Mufflers For Harley Milwaukee Eight

harleystreet-cannonThese (P/N 64900552 Chrome, P/N 64900553 Satin Black; $499.95*) are designed specifically for the Milwaukee-Eight engine to enhance airflow and power by reducing exhaust gas back-pressure and enhancing the effects of wave and inertia scavenging.

They are 4.5-inch-diameter mufflers having a unique baffle design to produce a richer, deeper tone at idle, part throttle and when accelerating, yet comply with emissions and sound regulations. The muffler end caps are sold separately so customers can choose the style and color they prefer.

Optimized engine performance with Stage I intake and exhaust system must be accompanied by a new (ECM) calibration that tunes the EFI for the new components.

se-pro-street-tunerThe new (P/N 41000008C, $299.95*) is designed to simplify ECM calibration as performance modifications are made. Unlike many aftermarket tuners, the Screamin’ Eagle Pro Street Tuner re-programs the motorcycle’s operating system; it isn’t a piggyback system that tries to fool the ECM into adding more fuel or changing the ignition timing. The Pro Street Tuner plugs into the bike’s data port, so no splicing or under-seat hardware is required. The Pro Street Tuner can be used to upload the latest Engine Control Module (ECM) calibrations to match a bike’s state-of-tune.

Ideal for real-world street performance applications, the Pro Street Tuner provides adjustability to accommodate bike-to-bike variation and for changes to cams, heads, intake and exhaust while maintaining closed-loop fuel control for optimal fuel economy in the part-throttle operating range. All current street-compliant ECM calibrations are included in the software with unlimited access to future calibrations and free software updates downloadable via the user website.