Super Small Axle Covers For 2008-2017 Harley Models

3ridenice2To improve a very simple part may be a challenge. I am talking about axle covers to hide the ugly factory nut.

The goal was to make covers as small as possible. A more complex task than you think because you need to keep enough material for the threads of two set screws to attach securely to the, yet not allow the heads of each screw to show.

Will fit any 2008 & up Harley-Davidson models, including trikes and bikes with their own stand-alone front end, like the Sportster 48 and Breakout. Available in chrome, machined, flat black and gloss black (UV protected) At 11ridenice12ridenice2

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  1. 1 grouchy Dec 8th, 2016 at 8:49 am

    $80 seems like a lot for small bits of painted or chromed machined aluminum. But they are “Harley” parts. I prefer polished Aluminum with clear coat.

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