Flashback. 1918 Johnson Motor Wheel Co.

1918johnsonmotorwheelIn 1914, the Johnson Brothers Motor Company of Indiana offered a two-cylinder/two-stroke engine kit to be installed on any bicycle equipped with a 26’ rear wheel. It had 2 flywheel magnetos and a float carburetor. and produced only one 1 HP.

The complete kit came with a wheel, hub tire, shock-absorbing spring sprocket holder, wheel sprocket and chain, handlebar controls for choke, throttle and engine shutoff, three quart gas tank and gas line, and all necessary fittings to adapt the engine and rear wheel unit.

This kit was was patented in the USA in 1919 and in the UK in 1920. The Johnson Motor Wheel Kit was advertised at $97.50 and the complete Johnson Motor Bike at $140.00. Claim was a speed of 6 to 35 mph, a riding range of 150 miles on 1 gallon of gas or 60 miles for 10 cents. On this photo the kit is installed on an Iver Johnson bicycle. (photography @ Doug Mitchel)

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