2016 Cannonball Race Of The Century. Stage 11 Results.

1-41-mike-bell_i7d6201With the contribution of Felicia Morgan.
It’s getting real out here, folks. With just 769 miles left in this coast-to-coast pilgrimage, the gypsies are looking bedraggled. Constant night time rebuilds have taken their toll on man, machine and stockpiled parts bins. The Indian guys have begged, borrowed and shared all they have and there’s not a piston to be had.

2-109-alex_i7d7431Desperation calls went out in Durango as HD guys searched for cylinders. Machinists are kept busy and every available wrench is twisting until dawn. No-one wants to miss the opportunity to complete these last few miles, regardless of their scores, and the brotherhood of Cannonball has never shined brighter than it does when guys are cruising the parking lots to help their brethren find that vital part to get them to the next stop.. and beyond.

Mike Bell, #41, has been with us before on the Cannonball runs and his faithful Alice, the 1916 HD that’s aways proven faithful, has developed a bit of lower end clatter. Mike loves his loyal old girl and doesn’t want to hurt her, but abuse is part of the Cannonball and he’s hoping to nurse her along to the finish line in Carlsbad. This story is a universal one since none of the 100-year old machines were ever meant for 3,302 mile treks that include 200+ miles a day.3-dscn1698-2

Repeated, extended floggings were not part of the plan when manufacturers were designing motorcycles back in 1903. Yet here we are, a century later, watching those very machines wheeze their way across this great nation. The Motorcycle Cannonball is nothing if not inspirational.

Below the ranking at the end of yesterday’s stage 11.


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  1. 1 Brett Sep 22nd, 2016 at 2:37 pm

    Looks like some need to do some pedaling when climbing.

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