Picture Of The Week. 1923 Harley-Davidson Model JD23.

112JD, a quarterly online publication for Harley-Davidson enthusiasts, is a curated collection of timeless stories and authentic experiences about riders, racers, and builders; artists whose medium of expression is steel, rubber, and paint. In the issue 2, this 1923 Harley-Davidson Model JD23.

The stars on the wheels might suggest a law enforcement connection. But it’s unlikely this was ever a police bike. This 22 horsepower version of Harley-Davidson’s legendary 74-CID, 2 cylinder v-twin engine was designed especially for sidecar bikes. 1923 saw the first models with an electric ignition and headlight, and the solid wheels pre-date the drag-reducing composite wheels racer use today. The odometer on this bike shows 8874 miles. On 1923 US roads, that’s a lot of hard miles. (Image. @ Dan R. Boyd)

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    Wow, that’s a beauty!

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