Limited Edition Indian Motorcycle® Boots By Red Wing Shoes®

IMCBootsIndian Motorcycle® has partnered with Red Wing Shoes® to create the new limited-edition “Red Wing Shoes® Collection” of fine, handcrafted American motorcycle boots. Indian Motorcycle, founded in 1901, and Red Wing Shoes®, founded in 1905, share a rich heritage of authenticity, fine handcrafted quality, and products that embody the legendary American spirit. Today both brands also share the great state of Minnesota, with only 80 miles separating their corporate headquarters. The 2016 Limited-Edition Red Wing Shoes® Collection for Indian Motorcycle will be available July 2016):

“You could say that both Indian Motorcycle and Red Wing Shoes are in the transportation business, as we’ve been transporting men, women, soldiers and workers all over this great nation for over 100 years,” said Steve Menneto, President of Motorcycles for Polaris Industries. “Fine American craftsmanship is a rare thing in today’s world, but it’s in the DNA of both these companies and that’s why I know Indian Motorcycle riders and fans will take great pride in owning a pair of these boots.”

Worthington (Men’s Black Pull-On Boots)
Named after the street in Springfield, Mass., where Indian Motorcycle began full-scale production in 1902, this boot is based on Red Wing Shoes’ classic Engineer style and has been modified for Indian Motorcycle riders. This 11-inch pull-on boot features plain toe styling, a Vibram® 430 sole for higher grip and abrasion resistance, and an instep strap for precise fitting. The premium Red Wing Shoes Black Harness leather, original Indian Motorcycle buckles, embossed logo and all black stitching deliver the ultimate in classic motorcycle styling. These boots feature Goodyear welt construction and puritan chain stitching. MSRP: $319.99 (US) $409.99 (CAN).

Spirit Lake (Men’s Brown Lace-Up Boots)
In homage to the dedicated men and women in Spirit Lake, Iowa, who build each and every Indian Motorcycle with a passion for quality and true American craftsmanship, this boot is modeled after Red Wing Shoes’ popular Iron Ranger. It’s an 8-inch boot developed to provide a stable fit and firm ankle protection, with a Vibram® 430 sole for superb grip and abrasion resistance and features a double layer leather toe cap for added protection. The premium Red Wing Shoes® Amber Portage leather, gunmetal eyelets and all-brown stitching make these boots a favorite for around-town styling, comfort and rugged support. These boots feature Goodyear welt construction and triple-stitched quality. MSRP: $319.99 (US) $409.99 (CAN).

Connelly (Women’s Black Pull-On Boots)
In honor of women riders around the world and Indian Motorcycle’s 100-year heritage of supporting them, this boot is named after Catherine Connelly of Owatonna, Minn., one of the brand’s earliest female riders and loyalists. Even during the Depression, she and her husband made periodic trips to Springfield to buy new Indian Motorcycles and they would ride them back to Owatonna. This boot is based on Red Wing Shoes’ Engineer boot. This 11-inch pull-on boot features plain toe styling, Heeled Oil Resistant Cushion Crepe sole to provide grip and lighter weight, and an instep strap to adjust the fit. The premium Red Wing Shoes® Black Harness leather, original Indian Motorcycle® buckles, embossed logo and white stitching deliver the perfect fusion of fashion and function. These boots feature Goodyear welt construction and puritan chain stitching. MSRP: $319.99 (US) $409.99 (CAN).

7 Responses to “Limited Edition Indian Motorcycle® Boots By Red Wing Shoes®”

  1. 1 Matt W. Feb 4th, 2016 at 10:55 am

    A little rich for my blood but can appreciate a quality made motorcycle boot without a brand name plastered all over like it was a pair of Nikes.

  2. 2 Feb 4th, 2016 at 11:29 am

    Before those boots go out the door… make SURE that the arch-strap has enough holes in it, to compensate for leather stretch, or you’ll end-up having your heel lift-up, the strap buckled into it’s last remaining hole, and the nap worn-off your new $12. socks.
    All “engineer boot” manufacturers have the same problem, they don’t realize how important that strap is in keeping your heel from lifting. Just saying. There should be one strap hole directly over the middle of your arch, or you’ll be leaving those boots in your closet. If your heel can lift, you’re done-in. ;p

  3. 3 Feb 4th, 2016 at 12:42 pm

    That said, a shoe repairman can make the extra strap-holes for you. It’s an art, don’t try it yourself.
    These boots have 1-1/4 – 1-1/2 street heels which is great. An equal harness leather engineer boot is made by Chippewa, but it has a 2″ heel which are John Wayne, and not practical for walking-in. Chippewa made that exact boot in an 1-1/4″ heel, but only for the biker cable-series – beater boots that were last seen featured as a contest prize on this site. They were the modern engineer boots, but are not available for sale? for reasons I’ll never understand.

  4. 4 NoH2oh Feb 4th, 2016 at 6:24 pm

    Not a bad $$ if made in the US. I’d like to see some heel cups and ankle protection.

    Kudos to Indian for parnering with a company that still makes (some) stuff here.

  5. 5 Calif phil Feb 6th, 2016 at 8:12 am

    Great looking boots. I only buy USA made boots.

  6. 6 bigalyts Feb 7th, 2016 at 12:14 am

    Red Wings were never a Pricey Shoe or Boot. But, become a Sponsor or have another Companies name and the price doubles. Just, stating a fact.

  7. 7 DesignerGuy Feb 9th, 2016 at 9:29 am


    Those prices are basically inline with their current prices. The boots in the middle are essentially the iron rangers which go for $300. They have been $300+ for years.

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