Belt Drives Ltd’s Competitor Clutch For Sportsters 1991-Up

1clutch2clutchYou can take your Sportster’s clutch to a new level with the installation of new CC-140-BB Competitor Clutch conversion.

The 140 series was developed exclusively for stock 1991 and later Sportster clutch baskets. BDL’s patented Ball Bearing Lockup Clutch will significantly lighten pull at the lever while providing smooth, slip free lock up. Each unit incorporates a designated number of steel ball bearings set in a model specific diaphragm assembly. Conversion is a straightforward install, replacing the factory pressure plate, springs and hub.

The kit as pictured retails for just $444.00. Belt Drives LTD performance upgrades and components make living with stock and high horsepower, big torque engines easier and more reliable. For complete details visit your local BDL dealer or visit .

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  1. 1 DAYTONA DONNIE Dec 2nd, 2015 at 9:55 am

    Great to see this company continue to add products ..and big shout out to their Customer service !

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