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New Zipper’s Performance High Compression 110” CVO Piston Kits

Co-designed by Zipper’s and Wiseco Engineering during the development of Zipper’s Muscle 110 kit, these powerful forged pistons are stated as having superior features over the competition. These pistons are forged from 2618 material and are designed to be strong, durable and light in weight – everything you need in a high performance piston! The […]

23rd Annual Sturgis Buffalo Chip Freedom Celebration Adds Ride, Welcomes Air Force Band and Dignitaries

A special American freedom celebration has been planned to honor our nation’s veterans and raise funds for organizations benefiting veterans and their families at the Sturgis Buffalo Chip in 2014. The Buffalo Chip’s 23rd Annual Freedom Celebration will be held on Thursday, Aug. 7 and include a full day of powerful presentations, inspiring performances and moving exhibits. […]

Storz Ceriani Steering Damper Kits for Harley-Davidson Models

The purpose of a steering damper is to dampen oscillations in the front fork assembly, otherwise known as “head shake”, when the front wheel is deflected from its normal track by bumps, potholes, frame flex, tire reaction, etc. Storz Performance offers complete steering damper kits for most Harley DYNA, FXR, V-Rod, Sportster and XR1200 models. […]

2014 Hoka Hey. Not A Race Anymore. Just A Challenge With No Entry Fee And No Prizes.

After years of controversy, of complaints and of litigation, the Hoka Hey Challenge (TM) sent a press release informing potential participants to the 2014 edition that “The Medicine Show Land Trust, promoters of the toughest motorcycle ride on Earth, are waiving each rider’s $1,000 entry fee.” Using the justification of other activities, Jim “Red Cloud” […]

World’s Most Expensive Exercise Bike

For the pleasure of your eyes. And it could only come from an Italian designer… Just a large circle reminiscent of of the classic unicycles of the end of the 1800’s. 2 horns to hold on. An epicycloid transmission. Carbon, steel and glass fiber. The top in fitness design with the best ergonomics and ultimate […]

Keep Your Harley Headlamp. Just Change The Bucket. Looking Better. Cheaper…

Or how to accomplish a fast and cheap complete makeover of your Harley 5” 3/4 headlight while still keeping the factory lamp, the trim ring and without having to mess up with your electrical system. These Vitamin 5 3/4” Headlight Buckets (named as such because they look like citrus press) are a direct fit to […]

S&S Cycle. Don’t Settle For Stock.

This is the second episode of the S&S Cycle Proven Performance video series “Don’t Settle For Stock.” In the first episode you witnessed life in the “Stockyard”, dull, monotonous, and stifling, with a repressive regime a man who has chosen not to settle…In this second video, he finds out that he is not alone, and […]

Sales Of Electric Motorcycles and Scooters Would Reach 6 Million Annually by 2023

Navigant Research, a market research company, forecasts worldwide sales of e-motorcycles will grow from 1.2 million vehicles annually in 2014 to 1.4 million in 2023, while sales of e-scooters will grow from 4.1 million to 4.6 million. The market for power two-wheel (PTW) vehicles, which includes electric motorcycles (e-motorcycles) and electric scooters (e-scooters), has grown […]

BMW Concept Roadster Motorcycle

Not the typical motorcycle you expect from the Bavarian manufacturer. And a very good surprise regarding styling. Motorcycling is much more than just perfect function, and this BMW Concept Roadstar is very exciting to look at. It’s a typical BMW roadster with a powerful 1.170 cc 2-cylinder boxer engine putting out 125 hp. It features […]

New Inner Fairing Chrome Trim Kit From Harley-Davidson For RUSHMORE Tourers

This new kit includes self-adhesive bezels and trim rings to surround the gauges, the front speakers and the Boom!™ Box infotainment faceplate. A gloss-black fascia completes the stylish look. The entire kit installs in a few minutes time. The RUSHMORE Inner fairing Dash Trim Kit  (P/N 61400199; $139.95) is designed specifically to fit 2014 Electra […]

Riding At 160 MPH On Highways. How Does It Feel?

You are sane enough not do it. But how does it feel? Watch this suicidally highway recklessness. Shot in Hong Kong at 160 mph (260+ km/h). Cops could not catch up and are still looking for him.

Deviants Rejoice. The Cult Will Perform At The 2014 Sturgis Buffalo Chip.

The main stage at the Sturgis Buffalo Chip will take a pounding on Saturday, Aug. 2 when The Cult lets loose before a sea of fans. The band has been described as heavy metal revivalists with a touch of pseudo-mysticism inspired by The Doors, and this heavy-handed beat is guaranteed to bring fans to their […]

Postcards From May 24th Norway Bike Fest

In this small country of 5.3 million people located in the western part of Scandinavia in Northern Europe, because of latitude, from May to July, the sun never completely descends beneath the horizon in a big part of his territory. Conversely, from late November to late January, the sun never rises above the horizon in […]

Harley-Davidson Advice On Avoiding Battery Abuse

A motorcycle battery never gets a day off. The service experts at Harley-Davidson® point out that even when a motorcycle is parked the battery discharges continuously in small internal loads called “self-discharge.” Self-discharge speeds up drastically as the temperature rises – for example in a hot garage in the summer – and accessories like alarm […]

Brake Disc Locks With Alarm System

If your choice of motorcycle anti-theft device is a brake disc lock, you may be interested by these 3 models with a 3D detection system with an alarm of at least 100 db. Like many others, they are small and the lock mechanism is made of special hardened steel with an excellent corrosion protection. But […]

Hardley. A 883 Sportster Stretching Imagination In The Right Direction

In Austin, Texas there is another shop than the one you know whose work is well known by those into vintage and classic style Ducati, Moto Guzzi, Kawasaki and BMW bikes. Revival Cycles is led by a trio of individuals (a designer, a formally-trained engineer, a mechanic) that pulls all the pieces of an existing […]

Joe Cooper. Perfecting The Hand Made Motorcycle Fender. And Succeeding…

“One Machine Can Do The Work Of Fifty Ordinary Men. No Machine Can Do The Work Of An Extraordinary Man.” Keeping in mind this thought from Elbert Hubbard, with a courage and a tenacity that most will never own, Joe Cooper has spent years pursuing the task of fabricating and offering the finest hand fabricated […]

Russian Made Motorcycle. It’s Ugly And You Will Want One.

Who doesn’t want a motorcycle that you can ride absolutely everywhere you want to go, that you can carry, that you can disassemble in 15 minutes and pack in your car trunk. I forgot. It floats, too. This Russian motorcycle is extraordinary, does much more than the American made Rokon. It’s called the Tarus, weighting […]

New Dakota Digital Gauges For Harley-Davidson RUSHMORE Baggers

Dakota Digital is launching new MCL-3014 (Blue) and MCL-3014-R (Red) Digital LED Gauges for 2014 and later Harley Baggers. The Direct Plug-In kit directly replaces the stock gauges while adding a lot more functionality. Set includes Speedometer, Tachometer (with Bar Graph Tach), Volts, Oil Temperature (sender included), and Bar Graph Fuel Gauge. Gauges use stock […]

Frisco Mount Gas Tank With Classic Wassell Shape

Genuine (or not so genuine) English made Wassell gas tanks in very poor shape sells for quite a few dollars on eBay (original has Wassell stamped in the tunnel) If you want a new vintage style gas tank with the classic Wassell shape to mount Frisco style, high and level with the frarme backbone, this […]

Flying A Flag On Your Harley-Davidson Voids The Warranty?

Background. David Zien is a well known former member of the Wisconsin State Senate famous for riding more than one million miles on a 1991 Harley-Davidson now on display at the Sturgis Hall Of Fame from which he is a member since 2000. He always ride his bikes flying the American and others. In 2011 […]

Former Vance and Hines Management Team Just Launched Firebrand Design. New Mufflers For Harley Tourers Are Available.

John Peck, former Vice-President of Manufacturing at Vance and Hines and Leigh Crawford, former Manager of Research and Development also at Vance and Hines, have partnered to launch Firebrand Design, LLC. Firebrand manufactures and designs aftermarket products for motorcycles. Focusing at launch on exhausts for Harley-Davidson motorcycles, they plan on expanding to other products and […]

It’s Memorial Day Weekend. Rolling Thunder Event In Washington DC.

Monday May 26 is the US federal holiday wherein the men and women who died while serving in the United States Armed Forces are remembered. And this Memorial Day weekend, thousands of bikers are going to participate to the Washington DC Rolling Thunder event culminating on Sunday with the parade starting at noon from the […]

2014 American International Motorcycle Expo Surpasses 300th Exhibitor. Is Endorsed By American Motorcyclist Association.

The American International Motorcycle Expo (AIMExpo) has signed its 300th exhibitor for its 2014 event with Gibbs Sports Amphibians. As a result, AIMExpo is setting a fast pace to exceed the mark of nearly 400 exhibitors from the event’s launch last October. The second year event will be held October 16-19 at Orlando’s Orange County […]

High Performance Front Suspension For Harley Dyna Models

Progressive Suspension has created a state of the art Fork Cartridge Kit designed to outperform everything on the market available for the Dyna. The new asymmetrical design places a preload adjuster over a progressive rate spring in one leg and an aluminum bodied, sealed cartridge damper on the other. The result is superior damping and ride […]

2014 First Quarter US Motorcycle Tire Sales Fell 12.7%

Wholesale sales of replacement tires from the major tire manufacturers for 2014’s Q1 fell 12.7% from the same period in 2013. Sales of 2013 Q1 were also down 15.8% from 2012 Q1. Tire sales are a good gauge of the overall industry, because it shows how many people are riding their bikes and for how […]

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