British Customs New Low Profile Seat for Triumph Cruisers

britishcustoms is giving Triumph America and Speedmaster riders a new solo seat option with the addition of a distressed brown leather cover for their Low Profile Seat. Distressed brown leather joins three other available covers: black leatherette, black leather and black leather with flame embroidery. The Low Profile seat was designed to be smaller and thinner than the stock version in order to accentuate the bike’s lines and bring out its natural beauty.

It is constructed of a fiberglass seat pan wrapped with foam and a gel insert to keep every rider comfortable in the saddle. The foam and gel offer big support with less material, while the shape ensures that a rider’s rear stays put, even under heavy acceleration. Options and Pricing: • Black Leatherette $259.95 •    Black Leather $279.95 • Brown Distressed Leather (NEW) $289.95 • Black Leather Embroidered  $289.95. .

1 Response to “British Customs New Low Profile Seat for Triumph Cruisers”

  1. 1 Mar 17th, 2014 at 3:23 pm

    I would love to get a nice gel seat to keep my backside happy! I would probably go with the black leather, or leather embroidered as I am more partial to black than brown, and I like the flames on the embroidered one!

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