Big Bear Choppers Today

California based manufacturer of custom motorcycles got its assets and trademarks (name and model designs) bought a few months ago by Simon Scott from Rage Hard Choppers. Simon Scott is an international businessman with interests in the USA, and Indonesia.

The new company, now in San Bernadino, CA continues to manufacture Big Bear Choppers motorcycles with Kevin & Mona Alsop being directly involved in the design and development of current and new models. I met with all 3 in Sturgis and they told me that Rage Hard Choppers was building 8 to 10 bikes a month and actively pursuing new dealers, here in the US and abroad.

Today, they announce that they have acquired two new dealers in the United States (OMG Motorsports from Gresham, OR and High Performance Cycles from Allentown, PA.) and are working on the launch of a brand new model. For more information on Big Bear Choppers, or to become a dealer visit  or call 909-478-7788. (bottom picture copyright JeremySumpter)