Premier Handlebar Mounted Premier Motorcycle Speaker System

There is a large demand for music on motorcycles without the need for a bulky stereo fairing to hold it.

UNiQ Cycle Sounds has recently introduced their new handlebar mounted Premier Edition speaker system to compete with top end motorcycle audio and stereo fairing markets. Each Premier Edition™ speaker system offers 600 watt premium waterproof motorcycle speakers paired with a high-powered 600 Watt mini amplifier with wiring harness.  Each system includes all the necessary connectors and wires to complete installation yourself or by your local dealer.

UNiQ Cycle Sounds also produces a wide variety of motorcycle audio products including Helmet Audio, Motorcycle Amplifiers, Bagger Stereo Upgrades, iPod & iPhone Mounts and many other audio accessories. 888.864,77212

2 Responses to “Premier Handlebar Mounted Premier Motorcycle Speaker System”

  1. 1 chopperfreak29 Jul 20th, 2011 at 3:27 pm

    If you need a stereo on your bike, then just buy a car and get it over with. Or even better, just stay at home. I mean seriously, the idiots riding around blaring the stereo on the bikes are just as bad/annoying as the kids with the ridiculous bass-cannons in their crappy little cars. If I wanted to listen to some random dude’s terrible taste in music at every red light I’d listen to the radio.

  2. 2 Rider2 Jul 20th, 2011 at 3:41 pm

    Also… those guys never answer the phone or emails… tried to purchase their stuff 3 times and no phone call back

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