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Metalsport 30 Inch Tall Front Wheels

Lovers and Haters of tall front wheels, now you opportunity to join in the comments section under his post to express your feelings about very tall front wheels. Not talking about the 23″ or 26″ sizes, but about the new 30″ tall wheel requiring to use a Monster Vee Rubber tire size 140/40-30, A few […]

Norley Cafe Racer Preview. From $19,500.

Building a motorcycle with a Harley Sportster engine installed in a Norton looking frame and using a Cafe Racer style bodywork and accessories creates a NORLEY. Of course the idea came from England via a frame manufacturer named JW Motorcycles. You are looking at the first model of a limited edition assembled and offered here […]

Jim Lightfoot Photography.

“My name is Jim Lightfoot.  I’m the photographer that shoots the center spreads for Easyriders magazine.   The photo titled “Donut Contest” will be featured in February’s edition and hits bookstands Nov. 27th. I don’t get too philosophical with the photos.  I will say that I only use real bikers.  No stand-ins or look-a-likes.  Every one […]

Speedo And Tacho Anyone?

Some customize by removing their bike’s speedometer and tachometer. Others wish they had them installed. For them,  Dakota Digital, the instrumentation and specialty electronics expert, is introducing the new STM-100 Data Bus Breakout Module. It allows you to install speedometers and tachometers on 2004-up Harley Davidson motorcycles (excluding 2011 Softail models) with less cutting and splicing […]

SpaceSter Sportster. Nothing To See.

Tired of Old School and of New Old School style custom motorcycles? If it’s possible to classify it, should I place SpaceSter in a new category to be called “Tomorrow’s School?” First, let me say that this “from another planet” creation is born in the Southwest of France and during the winter European show tour already won a […]

Harley-Davidson Close To Entering New Healthy Business Cycle

A new Baird Survey shows that a Harley dealer had an average 41 new motorcycles in stock on their show floor in October. It compares  to 67 motorcycles a year ago at the same period. Of course it’s the consequence of Harley-Davidson decision, like other motorcycle manufacturers, to cut production to avoid to flood the […]

Front Wheel Size Matters. New 23″ And 26″ Front Fenders.

Builders have found a new way to rejuvenate and improve the overall look of their custom bikes. After focusing during years on the rear wheel and experimenting with diameter and width to the point of exhausting all possible rideable options, the new cool thing is to use taller front wheels. And in many cases, not […]

Norton Back In The USA. Launching 3 New Commando Versions.

Norton Motorcycles, the famous British brand and a name synonymous with the British sport motorcycling culture, is back in the USA and announced the appointment of industry veteran Dan Van Epps to head-up its operations The first Norton motorcycle, the ‘Engerette’, rolled out of its Birmingham England factory in 1902. The company has been producing […]

Nostalgic Panhead Or Knucklehead Look For Your New Evo Or Twin Cam Engine

Add a touch of retro, Panhead or Knucklehead style, to your Harley-Davidson of after-market Evo or Twin Cam engine thanks to these Rocker Boxes from XZotic. These cover kits are compatible with the original Evo or Twin Cam components. Each kit includes front & rear rocker box assemblies and gaskets (except rocker box to cylinder […]

Joke Of The Week

World’s Most Expensive Motorcycle. 1929 Brough Superior. Auctioned $455,000.

Brough Superior (1919-1938), the brand nicknamed the Rolls Royce Of Motorcycles, has always been the epitome of exclusivity, luxury, elegance, style and extraordinary design. And a private collector proved it again by getting a 1929 model for the outstanding price of 286,000 UK pounds or about US$455,000 during a European auction at the Haynes International […]

One Man’s Dream. The John Britten Bike Story.

John K. Britten (1950 –1995) was a New Zealand mechanical engineer who designed a world-record-setting motorcycle with innovative features which are still ahead of contemporary design. He continues to be an inspiration to many. He produced revolutionary machines to his own design made of light materials and using engines he built himself, which became famous […]

New RevTech Heavy Duty 6 Speed Transmission

A Custom Chrome exclusive, the all-new, RevTech 6-speed transmission for Softails is available in right and left-side drive, with your choice of three different finishes – polished, black, and natural. The left-side drive transmissions are offered with a stock end cover, or an optional kicker that has a fully-machined forged aluminum kicker cover, and precision-machined […]

SS Trikes New Options

What’s new for 2011 at the  big wheel-style SS Trike Company? President Jason Nieman promises to roll new optional accessories, the first one being a large capacity trunk with integrated backrest that holds 13 gallons or 3,000 cubic inches. It attaches to the rear of the SS Trike with a couple of standard bolts in […]

New York Company Claims To Own The Daytona Beach Bike Week Trademark

After paying $87.50 a small New York company was granted the State trademark for the name “Daytona Beach Bike Weelk  intends to take all legal actions to protect its rights on any businesses that produce T-shirts and other merchandise bearing the Daytona Beach Bike Week name without its approval. The Daytona Regional Chamber of Commerce, […]

The Secret Life Of Paul Teutul Senior

All top TV executives will tell you that men in jeans, men with tattoos, men who curse, men who weld, men with power tools, men who like to smash and build things into fantasy toys, make high rated TV reality shows. They will add that their objective is to increase the number of male viewers because […]

Happy Thanksgiving

Short History. In 1621, the Plymouth colonists and Wampanoag Indians shared an autumn harvest feast that is acknowledged today as one of the first Thanksgiving celebrations in the colonies. For more than two centuries, days of thanksgiving were celebrated by individual colonies and states. It wasn’t until 1863, in the midst of the Civil War, […]

X-Ray Not. Men’s Privacy Brief Radiation Blocker.

I never thought that I would be writing in my Blog about men’s underwear! My excuse is that many of you are traveling during this Thanksgiving weekend and reading me on their digital devices while facing an overreaching (pun intended) government TSA. So, I bring you (I hope) a smile with these TSA Proof Briefs […]

US Government NTSB Pushing Again For Mandatory Helmet Use

The NTSB – National Transportation Safety Board – hopes that all US States will have mandatory helmet laws. At this day 20 states have such laws. The NTSB points out the fact that there was  4,400 deaths nationwide for 2009 and says that a  law requiring all riders to wear a helmet will reduce that […]

Harley-Davidson Saddlebag Organizers

If you are a Harley tourer and is as organized as I am, you need a pair of Saddlebag Organizer Trays to hold and protect all your road accessories and necessities, from registration to glasses, from cel. phone to iPad, from wallet to GPS and all the necessities you think you need to carry with […]

Panheads, Knuckleheads, Ford Roadsters And Ford Coupes. By Tom Fritz.

Authorized Harley-Davidson artist Tom Fritz is proud to announce the completion of his latest painting and official release of “Percussion Discussion”. A ’54 Panhead, 3- and 5-window Ford coupes, a ’32 Ford roadster, a ’40 Ford coupe. several Harley-Davidsons and Hot Rods. Striped club sweaters, white t-shirts, and cuffs. Self-appointed experts sharing answers without ridicule. […]

Motorsport Aftermarket Group Acquires The Cycle News Brand

You remember that Cycle News, a printed weekly motorcycle newspaper for more than 40 years ceased publication August 31, 2010. Motorsport Aftermarket Group (MAG), a family of leading brands and businesses in the motorsport industry, announced today that it has acquired the Cycle News brand. In addition to acquiring the name brand, MAG also announced […]

Soundcheck. Listen To Doobie Brothers’ Pat Simmons.

Pat Simmons, co-founder in 1970 of classic rock legends The Doobie Brothers, is a very familiar face, as is his wife Cris Sommer, in all major motorcycle rallies around the country. A true biker since the late 60’s, he is extremely knowledgeable about motorcycles, especially the pre WWII brands and models on which he works […]

Stiletto. A Hawaiian Custom Pro-Street

During this long and deep recession many motorcycle shops have closed, many more are surviving and very rarely new ones are opened. So, when I was ed by a less than one year old shop called Kingdom Customs eager to know if I could help, I was intrigued. Even more when I saw their first […]

New 2011 Renegade Cabo Phantom Wheel

Bold yet subtle this wide-5 fluted spoke billet wheel will get your bike extra looks from Bobber to Bagger, either a daily rider or a bike show diva. Deep black flawless powder coating finish with highlights individually hand polished to a high luster finish.  Sizes and widths are available for most Harley-Davidson models and of […]

Harley-Davidson Apparel To Fatten Bottom Line

The India market is huge, and waiting for Harley-davidson models to be more affordable for them when bikes will be assembled locally, many Indians can now start living the American Way Of Life and make a fashion statement by wearing the Bar & Shield logo. Currently the India Harley merchandise revenue stands at 5%.  However Harley-Davidson […]