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JeremySumpter Blog 4th Anniversary. Looking Back And Forward.

One of the earliest promises that I made 4 years ago when I launched the JeremySumpter Blog on September 30, 2006 was to offer an online place allowing publication on a whim, when the mood strikes, when the influential people talk, when a new custom motorcycle or part is released, etc. A digital place […]

Replacement Speedometer for 2003 Indian Motorcycles

The new Indian Motorcycle Company of Kings Mountain is helping owners of Indian Spirit, Scout and Chief Motorcycles produced in 2003 replace their speedometer with a new one branded with the Indian logo and an exact fit to the original motorcycle. Auto Meter Products was the OE speedometer manufacturer for Indian Motorcycles produced in 2003 […]

Complete New Technology S&S Panhead 93″ Engine

For vintage and classic bike lovers, the original Harley-Davidson Panhead is probably at the top of the list of  the coolest looking engines ever made. But we also all know its weaknesses, reason why S&S Cycle offers a full line of modern technology Panhead 93″ engines, all faithful to the original appearance, either in alternator or generator style, […]

Death Wish In The Streets Of Moscow

Baker Drivetrain “Try It Before You Buy It” Program.

An interesting and smart initiative from BAKER Drivetrain. The company is launching a “Try It Before You Buy It Program” reserved to all Dealers worldwide, and evidently benefiting all retail clients. They offer a program to provide you Dealers and at the same time your customers with an opportunity to try out some of their most […]

The Secret Life Of Keino Sasaki

A master manipulator of motor and metal Keinosuke “Keino” Sasaki belongs to a handful of Japanese born Custom Builders living and working in the US. For his 16th birthday Dad brought back home an abandoned scooter in the street. Keino helped his dad take it apart, put it together, and remember vividly the sense of […]

California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger Signs Bill Requiring EPA Label Exhaust Systems

California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger signed a Bill Tuesday that targets motorcyclists who remove federally mandated, factory-installed emission control devices and replace them with custom aftermarket parts. EPA states that the legislation is aimed at quieting the deafening roar of modified rides and at reducing emissions. The new law will make it a crime to operate […]

California Scooters Doing The Mexico Baja. Twice.

When about 10 months ago I reported on the launch by California Scooter Co. of a new line of retro-modern style Scooters with a traditional motorcycle layout inspired by the Mustang, you all agreed with me that they looked pretty cool and that they offered a fun and affordable alternative and/or complementary mean of transportation. […]

El Toro Blanco. A Buell Or Sportster Conversion Job. $12,995.

Of interest to a lot of readers owning a Buell or Sporster. With such a bike as a donor, Lightning Rod Motorcycles propose to do a conversion like the one you are looking at. El Toro Blanco took its new appearance by using a rigid Paughco frame with a 35-degree neck rake, keeping a Buell […]

All Charges Dismissed For Posting Video Recording Of Motorcycle Traffic Stop On YouTube

On April 10, 2010 I posted an article and video about Anthony Graber Charged With felony For posting Traffic Stop Video On YouTube. He was speeding on I95, had a camera installed on his helmet, recorded a police officer pulling a gun on him as he was stopped, was briefly detained in jail, then was […]

Hot-Rodder To The Exhaust Tips. Lake Pipe Caps.

Wanting to give your bike a 60’s hot rod look? Just use the parts that hot rodders were using at that time or the ones specifically adapted for motorcycle use. Like this “Lake Pipe” exhaust cap with weld-on flange kit created by Rudy Chapelle, a builder working on both cars and bikes, for use on […]

Could A Harley-Davidson MX Attract New Young Customers?

On the topic of what Harley-Davidson should do to attract young customers, Mike Hanlon from MeanStreet Products reminded me that in 1978 the company tested the market with a motocross model built by Aermacchi. It was called the MX250 and featured an Italian 250 cc 2 stroke engine. It was built for the race track […]

Motorcycle Cannonball. Motorcycling Won.

After 3294 miles on the road on pre-1916 motorcycles there are no written words to express the joy and pride of all the participants who arrived on the Santa Monica Pier this Sunday at 1 pm. A huge digital ovation from me and from all my readers.

Motorcycle Cannonball Update. Part 10. They Arrived.

After having to go through 55 traffic lights while riding through Los Angeles, the first “Cannonballers” crossed the finish line on the Santa Monica Pier, CA at 1 pm Pacific Time this Sunday September 26, 2010. Full report coming soon…(picture Mike Tomas) Final Results At Arrival In Santa Monica After The Jump.

Harley-Davidson CEO Keith Wandell Answers To Critics.

In an address last Thursday during a meeting at the Harley-Davidson Museum, CEO Keith Wandell said that through a succession of labor agreements over the years, Harley management had lost control of costs. As an example, he mentioned that employees at the Harley Menomonee Falls Plant were making an average $32 per hour in wages […]

New Motorcycle World Land Speed Record. 376.156 mph.

Bonneville Sal Flats, Utah. As of yesterday September 25th, 2010 Ack Attack is now the fastest motorcycle on the planet. Driver Rocky Robinson piloted his streamliner at a new world land speed record of 376.156 mph and Kilo record of 376.363. Ack Attack exit speed was an awesome 394 mph! The Bub 7 Streamliner (owner Denis […]

Building Custom Bicycles In New York City

The Classic Harley-Davidson Royalite Bublebags Are Back.

Remember the classic Harley-Davidson/Royalite saddlebags of the 50’s and 60’s. They appeared in 1952 on the Harley K models and in 1954 on Panheads and were also popular on Duo-Glides and Sportsters.

Sturgis 70th. The Book.

The oldest and largest motorcycle event just celebrated its 70th Anniversary and will probably go into history as one of the best biker parties in many years. That you participated or not in this year’s celebration I am pretty sure that there are many things you still don’t know about the Black Hills Rally. And […]

Motorcycle Cannonball Update. Part 9.

At 2 stages from arrival on the Pier of Santa Monica, it’s time to give a special tribute to the only 2 women of the Cannonball. On the left, American Cris Sommer Simmons, riding “Effie” her beloved 1915 Harley-Davidson, (Class 3) And on the right German Katrin Boehner riding the oldest motorcycle of the Run, a 1907 […]

Harley-Davidson Drops 24% In Brand Value

Interbrand just released its 11th annual ranking of the 100 Best Global Brands. The company uses a very respected methodology analyzing the many ways a brand touches and benefits an organization, from attracting top talent to delivering on customer expectation. Three key aspects contribute to a brand’s value; the financial performance of the branded products […]

Add-On Gear Position Indicator

This is the latest and improved version of the GIPRO-DS series gear position indicator. It can be installed on most bikes equipped with a diagnostic system connector. There are no buttons, no programming wires. The unit is fully automatic and works on a different principle than competitive products on the market. It reads the gear position […]

Return To Simplicity. The Performance Machine Seven Wheel.

If during the last years you had an overdose of skulls and flames all over custom parts including wheels offerings you are not the only one. Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. But apparent simplicity, like these new wheels from Performance Machine may require sophisticated machining and treatment.

Motorcycle Cannonball. Update 8.

Yesterday evening Wednesday September 22nd, riders arrived in Gallup, NM after 193 miles under pouring rain and 2 route changes because of unnanounced road work! All riders who started in the morning are accounted for. Since departure in North Carolina only 5 riders left the Endurance Run: Matt Olsen, Urban Hirsch, Bill Price, Drino Mille, […]

Call To Action Regarding Pollution Control Devices In California

I publish below a call for action on behalf of ABATE Of California (American Bikers Towards Education) and BOLT (Bikers Of Lesser Tolerance) regarding recently passed legislation, California SB-435. Vehicles: pollution control devices. SB-435 has passed in the California legislature and the Governor has until September 30th to decide to sign it into law, veto the […]

Rocketeer Bobber

A new model from Darwin Motorcycles introduced last August in Sturgis during the 2010 AMD World Championship of Custom Bike Building. It’s a classic New Bobber style with the lines and features made so popular during these last 5 years. But of course, each builder has his own way to mix and match parts to make […]

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