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Formula One Engine Break-In. Music To My Ears.

If you didn’t know, I am a big Formula One fan. Watch to the end this video of an F1 engine break-in. It’s music to my ears, especially at 18,000 rpm (idle at 6000 rpm). Several times had the opportunity to be a spectator of the F1 Monte-Carlo Grand Prix (it was last weekend). What […]

Sturgis Rally 70th Anniversary Custom Motorcycle. Get It For $25.00.

Dirico Motorcycles, the venture between Aerosmith front man Steven Tyler and Mark Dirico, just completed this custom Pro-Street bike to commemorate the Black Hills Rally 70th Anniversary. I have been assured that all parts, frame, motor and components are USA made. So, as a a proud American I am certain you would be happy to […]

LA Choppers Raising The Bars

During these last years LA Choppers has moved away from the custom bike building business and turned its focus to make what was one-off parts available to the public. As an extension of their existing line of handlebars was just added the “High Club” and “Mid Club” bars. Nothing revolutionary, but these bars mimic the high-rising, aggressive […]

Breaking News. Polaris To Move Some Manufacturing Operations To Mexico.

Be ready for this kind of news to repeated in the next months for other motorcycle companies. To cut its production costs, Polaris Industries plans to relocate the manufacturing operations of its Osceola, Wis., plant to a new facility in Monterrey, Mexico. The move should be completed in 18 to 24 months. The Osceola operation […]

See You At The 2010 BUB Motorcycle Speed Trials?

One of the most amazing places on earth. True bikers and  pure friendship. Motorcycle history being written every day. If you never been, it’s a must do at the top on your priority list. Pre-registration for the BUB Motorcycle Speed Trials 2010 (August 28- September 2) closes on June 1st at midnight. You can save yourself time […]

Red Hot Bike Wheels Anyone?

Hot wheels for those wanting to express speed even when idling. Can even discourage bikers next to you to race your bike when the light turns green. Will work well with powerhouse muscle type bikes but will also look hot on slower hot rod designed sleds. These wheels are painted, available in all popular stock […]

Fast Motorcycle Industry News

1- Twenty Harley Davidson police motorcycles, outfitted with specialized police equipment including enhanced steering and braking capabilities and lights and sirens with mounted microphones and speakers were delivered to Lebanon for handover to the ISF (Lebanese National Police). 24 Harley Davidson motorcycles are already in the ISF fleet. Since 2007, the U.S. Government has committed […]

Batman Fan? Get This Motorcycle Replica For $100,000.

Do you feel like Batman, are obsessed with the Dark Knight movie, want a running but non-street legal motorcycle and have 100 Grand to spend just for the pleasure of  terrorizing your neighbors with your urban assault vehicle parked on your driveway? If yes, jump to eBay to learn more about this Custom Batpod, then make an offer. If […]

Baker Drivetrain Bringing Mayhem Again To Sturgis Broken Spoke County Line

Who knows more about burnouts than Baker a.k.a. the Drivetrain Authority? After two successful years of the BAKER Burnout Drags Competition in Sturgis, BAKER is making this year competition fresh and new (bring replacement fresh new tires, too!) First, the event is moved across town to The Broken Spoke County Line with no entry fee […]

New Old School Motorcycle Luggage Racks.

After the return of the solo leather saddlebag, of the leather or tin tool box, what is the accessory to add to your bike to make it look even more period correct? Of course a rear fender luggage rack. The classic 5-rail stock version was bulky and doesn’t fit well with today’s narrower old style […]

Harley-Davidson V-Rod Revisited

The Harley-Davidson Revolution engine, as good as it can be, was never favored by Custom Builders for their one-off bikes. I see the reason as their refusal to break with tradition and of course the fact that these last years saw the resurgence of the old school style using period correct, or at least look […]

The Debate About Fiberglass Versus PPO/PA Plastic Motorcycle Saddlebags

Hey, when I published an article about Sinister Industries and its PPO/PA plastic material 4″ extended saddlebags, some wondered about the material used on their own stock and after-market motorcycle bags, and others in the industry producing fiberglass bags were not to happy that I ‘advertised” PPO/PA plastic. First let me mention again that Harley-Davidson […]

Strip Club Choppers Roadhouse 2010 Tour With Michele Smith And Jay Barbieri

Impossible that you didn’t see Johnny Lange’s Strip Club Choppers Roadhouse Tour in a rally near you. You know, the complete lounge with stages, pole dancers, video monitors, live web cams, music, bar tables and a couple of choppers, like the world famous Pole Bike (The only bike with a full size stripper pole through […]

Conrad Nicklus Launches Impressive Motorsports

What is going to happen if you belong to the custom motorcycle industry, take your young son on the road during years, let him wander in rallies to meet with vendors and custom builders who are going to become his new friends? As a teenager, and whatever your status or prestige in the biz, he […]

Nostalgia. Triumph Factory Assembly.

Rugged Tool Bags Are Back

If you are riding old school you may already carry the road tools in a side solo bag. Keep the bag space for all the other necessities and just carry  your tools where they belong.  Lick Cycles offers these hand stitched high quality, rugged, kick ass tanned leather tool bags with piped flap edges, and […]

Inspired By 50’s Beach Cruiser Bicycles

Let’s talk about one of your favorite topics of conversation. What makes a custom builder a true custom builder? On the merit scale, the one who (with crew) is able to produce in-house as many parts as possible, still knowing that sometimes you are better off to call an expert when confronted with some one-off tricky […]

Pro-One Sport Bike Mirrors

A simple and good looking design (always the best attributes) with a good conception to avoid a common problem with many mirrors, especially on very fast sport bikes: the loss of adjustment. These billet aluminum mirrors feature a stainless steel pivot that rides in a unique nylon bushing adding the advantage of no risk of […]

Myrtle Beach Rally. We Came Anyway. No More…

Myrtle Beach Bike Week just ended. Unfortunately, 2 years of efforts by the city of Myrtle Beach to curb the rally have left its toll. Attendance was much lower than last year and the economy is not to blame. Based on complaints of some residents regarding traffic and congestion the city passed ordinances to impose riding with […]

Swiss Precision Custom Motorcycle

Some of you get bored by the neo-retro bike style and would like to see more high tech custom motorcycles. And the future of custom building you ask? How tomorrow’s bikes are going to look? Not sure, but this Swiss made machine fits the profile (pun intended), including the mechanical precision and intricacies for which […]

Your Motorcycle Brand Has Never Been On A Ride Like This…

Your brand can get media exposure from coast to coast and well beyond. I received this letter  from 3-time Motorcycle Hall of Fame Inductee Cris Sommer Simmons. “Hi, A few months ago I decided to enter the pre-1916 cross country motorcycle race/ride called the Motorcycle Cannonball. This historic 3,320 mile ride leaves Kitty Hawk, NC […]

Blue Face Engine Oil Pressure Check

Monitor your engine vital sign with the new Digital Oil Pressure Gauge from Harley-Davidson Genuine Motor Accessories. Gauge mounts with a bracket to the rear-cylinder rocker box cover, and reads oil pressure in PSI or BAR with a brilliant blue digital display that appears through mirror-coated glass when the ignition is on. The read-out is […]

The California Scooter Co. Booming Small Motorcycle Market

We all know that in any struggling economy business opportunities still exist, if not abound. And the past is full of examples of new ventures whose successes have been amplified during recession times. I remember that in October 2009 just before I reported for the 1st time in my Blog on the new California Scooter […]

Glad That You Asked. Why Do Harley Davidson Motorcycle Shake More Than Other Brands.

Harley-Davidson uses a common crank pin, meaning that both pistons travel up and down together at the same time. So all the weight is being thrown back and forth causing vibrations and the very particular “proprietary” sound or rumble. The Twin Cam engine has a chain driven counter balancer creating less vibrations. As far as […]

New Roland Sands Design Turbo Wheels

One more wheel design in the line up. Roland Sands is launching the Turbo forged wheel mixing both modern and hot rod style in the same donut. Lightening pockets are more than just an eye-catching detail, they are also a way to remove mass from the rim, therefore increasing performance. Offered in both chrome and […]

Milwaukee Police Department Celebrating 100 Years Of Service On A Harley-Davidson

This week Milwaukee Sergeant Mike Edwards took his mounted police department to the Harley-Davidson Museum where it was received by Willie G. and Bill Davidson to celebrate a century of collaboration on 2 wheels. I don’t know if the Milwaukee PD has the longest collaboration with Harley-Davidson, but what I know is that the first […]

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