Motorcycle Safety. What Is T-CLOCS?

harleyridersThe riding season is in full swing. Pre-ride inspection should be routine and automatic. It doesn’t have to take more than a few minutes and should be done before every ride. T-CLOCS is an acronym used to remind motorcycle riders of the pre-ride inspection essentials.

T – Tires, Wheels, and Brakes: check tread depth, wear, weathering, bulges, and embedded objects; check air pressure; check wheels for bent spokes or cast wheels for cracks; check rims for out of round; check bearings for free play in tires; and check brakes to determine that each brake alone keeps bike from rolling.
C – Controls: look at the levers and pedals for broken, bent, or cracked parts; be sure mounts are tight; check cables for frays or kinks; check hoses for cuts, cracks, leaks, bulges, chafing, or deterioration; be sure hose routing doesn’t interfere with steering; and check throttle to be sure it moves freely, snaps closed, and doesn’t rev when handlebars are turned.
L – Lights and Electrics: check battery terminals for clean and tight connections; check headlamp for high and low beam operation and aim; check tail lamp for operation and activation with both front and rear brake application; check left and right, front and back, turn signals; check mirrors and adjust; and check wiring for pinched or frayed wires and be sure wiring doesn’t interfere with steering.
O – Oil and Other Fluids: check fluid levels; and check for leaks.
C – Chassis: check frame for cracks; check accessory mounts; check handlebar movement for full travel; check front forks for smooth travel; and check chain or belt for tension.
S – Stands: be sure the spring is working properly to pull it up and keep it up while riding; and check for cracks or bends.
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3 Responses to “Motorcycle Safety. What Is T-CLOCS?”

  1. 1 busfreak May 25th, 2010 at 6:09 am

    I ride a shovel, so this is just an everday thing.

  2. 2 Angry Inch May 27th, 2010 at 6:55 am

    Too many people- probably most, including myself- just hop on thier scoots and pull away far too often. It would be best to find out any problems before we get 20 miles from home, but our society has become so rush-rush-rush and over-filled with non-essential time wasters that we don’t spend the time where it’s truly needed.

    This public service announcement was brought to you by X-Box.

  3. 3 Trailbarge Jun 1st, 2010 at 10:23 am

    The TCLOCS check is something we should do to every vehicle we are about to drive… including the wife’s minivan. Betchya you don’t, though. Some people see a motorcycle ride as some sort of event that needs to be planned and prepared and ubermanaged. Others (like me) see a bike as being a car that drives really fun. There is no good reason why a motorcycle should be less reliable than a car. (The need for a battery minder grates on me).

    Some are more motivated to check a motorcycle because:
    1) They are “DANGEROUS” – phooey
    2) They are easier to check vis a vis a car
    3) It is part of the event, whereas the same trip in a car would be routine or drudgery… and an event calls for special preparations
    4) It is part of the fawning over a bike that “real bike lovers” do before each ride

    I check these things routinely, but not before each ride. I ride almost every day of the year. If these checks are required daily, there is something seriously wrong with the engineering on these things and they really ARE dangerous.

    Oh, by the way…. illustration you selected for a “proper riding safety” type article shows a rather raggedy formation for a crowded road.

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