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Harley-Davidson. Moving Plants Out Of Wisconsin?

Harley-Davidson may leave Wisconsin if costs don’t fall at 2 of its plants. Yesterday, the company warned its employees that it could move its Wisconsin manufacturing operations to another U.S. state if it can’t cut millions of dollars in costs. The Wisconsin plants at risk include:

Sturgis Rally In the 50’s

Hidebrand & Wolfmuller Motorcycle Circa 1894. Sold. $133,000.

Last Sunday April 25th, Bonhams, the Fine Art Auctioneers and Appraisers, held an auction during the International Motorcycle Show in Stafford, England. The company states that it was the largest and most successful in many years. And for those who are keeping track of the value of historic, vintage and classic motorcycles, you can go […]

Glad That You Asked. What Does CC Mean For A Motorcycle Engine?

CC or cubic centimeters refers to engine capacity. Specifically it refers to the amount of air/fuel mixture able to fit into the cylinders (where combustion occurs) at full expansion. 1 cc is equivalent to 1 gram of water aka 1 ml. An example: 1340 cc engine means the cylinders with pistons at full expansion can […]

Motorcycle Parts. Americans Unite!

Like most members of the industry, almost on a daily basis I receive emails offering me to have motorcycle parts prototyped and produced in China. Most of you who are not professionals think that these offers come directly from Chinese companies. Yes, for some. But a majority are sent by American or Canadian based companies. […]

Vintage Brass Handlebar Risers

From Brooklyn, NY based custom builder Keinosuke “Keino” Sasaki a set of 2 inch risers in solid brass with pure vintage design. These “Misumi” risers are provided with rubber bushing for comfort,  and solid stainless bottom mount and bolts. For all those appreciating old craftsmanship. From the mind of a Japanese and made in America. Priceless! […]

Custom Simson Motorcycle. What’s That?

Never heard before about a brand of motorcycles called Simson. And you? Founded in Germany by a Jewish family, the Simson’s fled their country in 1936 to escape Hitler’s dictatorship. Under the framework of dispossession of Jewish industrialists a trustee took control of the firm and merged it with other German factories.

One More Tool From JIMS® To Do The Job Right. Oxygen (O2) Sensor Wrench

Tools are not “sexy” until you need them to do the job correctly. JIMS®, a leading manufacturer of performance parts and specialty tools for use on Harley-Davidson® motorcycles has just released some new and practical tools for 2010. As example this JIMS Oxygen Sensor Wrench (sku 784) which is a must have new tool for […]

Harley-Davidson CEO Keith Wandell. First Interview.

A couple of days after he had announced his company first quarter 2010 financial results, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel did Harley-Davidson CEO Keith Wandell first interview. I have to disclose that Journalist Rick Barrett ed me on Monday April 26, 2010 to comment about Keith Wandell business management and be part of this interview. Not available […]

Kat Von D. And Her High Voltage Tattoos

You probably know her as a TV personality. First in the TLC tattoo series “Miami Ink” (where she had a fall out with Ami James and left the show). Then in the hit TV show “LA Ink” shot in her own tattoo shop in Hollywood, California. Known by the name Kat Von D.  (born Katherine Von […]

Goodson Aluminum Magneto Cover

Dennis Goodson hand makes very cool parts, but always in very small quantities. And when they are gone, they are gone for a very long time. Like this sought after ribbed cast aluminum cover for all Fairbanks Morse bodied magnetos, like the Joe Hunt and Morris brands. Lowbrow Customs just got a new batch and you […]

Sonny Bridges Inducted in Freedom Fighters Hall Of Fame.

The Sturgis Motorcycle Museum & Hall of Fame just announced Gordon “Sonny” Bridges as the 2010 Freedom Fighters Hall of Fame Inductee. The Freedom Fighters Hall of Fame recognizes the commitment and sacrifices individuals across the nation, and world, have made to protect the rights of motorcyclists. In their honor the Sturgis Motorcycle Museum & […]

Tucker Rocky Abandoning Print Magazines For Digital Medias

If there is one person not surprised by such an announcement, of course it’s me. Steve Johnson, Tucker Rocky President and Chief Operating Officer is now convinced that Internet-based digital communications are more cost-effective in providing product information to dealers and consumers. Tucker Rocky Distributing is a world-wide leader in the wholesale distribution of aftermarket […]

Norton Commando Chopper

Due to the diversity and abundance of old brands available in Europe, Custom Builders of the Old Continent have an advantage in terms of cost and choice of motors to use for a new build. In the case of this bike, starting with a 1972 Norton Commando 850 cc engine and 4-speed transmission is the […]

Even Our US Government Can Fake Green To The EPA

You know how hard it is for motorcycle engines, air cleaners and exhausts to be approved by the EPA (Environment Protection Agency). You heard about how many have been fined – manufacturers, shops, custom builders – for using/installing the wrong set of motorcycle parts. How hard do you think it is to get an Energy […]

Sturgis Broken Spoke Campground Breaking New Ground

This year will be the the 70th anniversary Sturgis Bike Week. And traditionally, all Sturgis 10th year anniversaries attract a bigger crowd. The Broken Spoke Campground just informed me that every cabin and RV location has already been filled! So, Jay Allen has decided to double the campground capacity and ordered his staff to work […]

Dennis Goodson Shows The Fine Harley Knucklehead Built For Artist David Uhl

In this video, Dennis Goodson explains the 1940 Bobber he built for painter artist David Uhl. Now everybody will be able to associate a face with the name Dennis Goodson.  He deserves it. This video clip is part of the DVD The Harbortown Bobber.

Harley-Davidson Bat Wing Fairing Saver

Harley-davidson Electra Glide, Ultra Classic, Street Glide, Electra Glide Classic and Electra Glide Standard Fairings have a known weakness.  Sooner or later, because of normal vibrations and/or those created by a lose motor mount, your upper fairing bracket may break. Hard to see in your mirrors or unusual fairing vibrations may tell you that the […]

European Champion Of Custom Bike Building

You are looking at KCosmodrive, probably the most radical custom motorcycle built in 2010. Pushing the technical boundaries of what a custom build is, this bike already won top honors in all bike shows where it was entered and was recently sacred European Champion during the AMD Championship Of Bike Building held one month ago in Germany.

Custom Chrome 40th Anniversary 2010 Catalog. From $0.00 To $9.99.

Starting a project? Don’t do anything until you check out as many custom part catalogs as you can. Or you may regret later the cool idea/part just tucked in the corner of one of those catalogs. And you should start, but not necessarily finish, by reading the big distributor catalogs.

Harley-Davidson Touring Models Are Hot. Too Hot.

One day, riding a Harley FL to test his company 7-speed transmission Bert Baker noticed how hot it was running, especially in traffic. Then he found out that the 4-quart oil capacity was unchanged on touring models since 1993 at a time when the bikes were equipped with only a 80 cubic inch motor. Taking […]

JeremySumpter + Facebook + Twitter + MySpace + Digg + All Social Websites

I still see some readers sharing my stories by copying ad pasting the full articles (or the links to them) inside their social network website pages. Very time consuming…and a copyright violation! I just remind you that there is a much easier and legal way allowing you to easily share news and comments with your […]

Fast Motorcycle Industry News

Bill Davidson has been named vice president of Harley-Davidson Museum and factory tours. He was previously vice president in core customer marketing for the motor company. The museum’s current leader, Stacey Watson, is going to leading marketing for all Harley-Davidson customer segments across North America. She helped open the museum in July 2008. Bill Davidson […]

New Victory Vision Slip On Mufflers

D&D Exhaust just completed development of the Boss Slip-ons for the 2008-2010 high tech touring Victory Vision. After tests in the Dyno room, the company states that the slip-ons increase power and torque across the power band. Installation takes less time than your lunch break. Only a few hand tools are need to get the […]

Rebuilding A 1914 Harley-Davidson 10-B For The Cannonball Run

How not to find charm and appeal in these one century old motorcycles getting prepped for the 3300 mile Cannonball coast to coast endurance run. After introducing you to Cris Sommers Simmons, the only American woman participating to this grueling cross country journey, a video of another participant: Bill Rodencal, Harley-Davidson Museum Archives Restorer And Conservator. Introduction […]

Portable Sonic Arsenal

If you belong to the army, are a Vet, love guns, hunting, or just want to show how tough you are, or none of the above. you may like this A-Box with a wartime box design. Not really bullet proof, and maybe not the easiest thing to carry through airport security, but you may want […]