Glad That You Asked. What Does CC Mean For A Motorcycle Engine?

CC or cubic centimeters refers to engine capacity. Specifically it refers to the amount of air/fuel mixture able to fit into the cylinders (where combustion occurs) at full expansion. 1 cc is equivalent to 1 gram of water aka 1 ml.

An example: 1340 cc engine means the cylinders with pistons at full expansion can hold a volume of 1340 ml of air/fuel mixture prior to the combustion stroke

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  1. 1 May 4th, 2010 at 6:20 am

    Hi basically its a european thing – a 50 cubic inch is 800cc thats why Metric bikes are now called Suzuki M50 so US owners know that 800cc is 50 cubic inch ie imperial volume swept are in barrels -Mick bit confusing a a C90 in Uk is a chicken Chaser moped , whereas in USA C90 is VL1500 with a 90 cubic inch motor- funny Dodge now call the HEMI 5.7 not old money cubic inches – Mike looks like evryones going metric ? hope no Ive still got a dodge ram 360- and keeping it that way-

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