Rockers Versus Mods In Dallas, Texas

rockersmodsbwcaferacervespaThe 4th edition of  is scheduled March 26-28th in Dallas, Texas There is enough of a rivalry between the scoots and the bikes to be fun, but there are no fights.  Just taking the piss out of each other and talking a bunch of trash. Last year’s event drew 150 wild scooters, over 200 cool european cafe racer style bikes roaming together the city streets. There will be a legendary Rockers versus Mods photo opportunity/stand-off over the Trinity River. Jacqui Van Ham of The Vintage Advantage with a film crew in tow will represent Café Racer Magazine interviewing people, featuring rides for a documentary. The weekend will end up with a big party at the legendary Dallas Longhorn Ballroom. More info at .

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  1. 1 Mar 16th, 2010 at 10:01 pm

    The Who’s early 1970’s album, Quadraphenia, is version of the Mods & Rockers in England. There is also a movie version. Sting, of The Police, is the head of the Mods. The album is one of my favorites and is rocking. The movie is well worth watching. While it is a drama, it does give a representation of that period.

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