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Steve McQueen Indian Chief, Car And Truck To Be Auctioned

Items previously owned by legendary Hollywood actor Steve McQueen have been consigned to Bonhams’ Annual Classic California auction at the Petersen Automotive Museum in Los Angeles next month. This is not the first time items from the McQueen family have been entrusted to Bonhams and once again this leading auction house has been selected to […]

Ride Like Hell. Feel Like Heaven.

Whatever you ride, I hope you know the feeling. This JeremySumpter tee shirt will get you there a little bit faster. Is it necessary to state how much the opposite sex may be impressed when reading this text? Wearing this retro racing logo will never put anyone out of style, before or after your fast to heaven exercise. Classic fit, only available in gray, […]

Harley Sportster Riders. Unleash The Ponies.

Newly added to its full line of Engine Management Systems for Harley-Davidson models, the ThunderMax Autotune for Sportster XR1200 allows you to maximize engine power performance with total control of your EFI system. It’s a complete replacement engine management system that replaces the stock Electronic Control Module (ECM). Not an add-on box or signal modifier. The […]

Happy Halloween.

Did you know?  1- Meaning: the name Halloween is actually a shortened version of “All Hallows’ Even,” the eve of All Hallows’ Day. “Hallow” is an Old English word for “holy person,” and All Hallows’ Day is simply another name for All Saints’ Day, the day Catholics commemorate all the saints. At some point, people […]

Harley Sportster Speedo Relocation Bracket

On a Harley-Davidson there are some parts you want to change and some you want to keep because they are functional. But as soon as you change one part you are often obliged to relocate another one. On a Sportster, a lot of you are changing their handlebars but wonder where to reinstall the speedo. […]

Street Legal Bumper Rides

Times of “carpocalypse” and “motocalypse” may stimulate your creativity. Tom Wright, a loose builder on the outskirts of San Diego just figured out that the bumper cars of the Long Beach Pike amusement park deserve a more dignified end than the crush treatment.

Paughco Mechanical Brake Parts

Maintaining or restoring a vintage bike or building a “dirty” old school chopper requires to know where to find the period correct parts. Paughco carries a good selection of those hard to find replacement items. As an example, and because somebody asked me where to find them, these early brake components that Paughco manufactures. They include […]

Stephen Berner New Editor In Chief Of IronWorks Magazine

IronWorks Magazine just hired industry publishing veteran, and long-time Harley-Davidson enthusiast Stephen Berner as its new Editor-in-Chief. Based in Connecticut he will lead the editorial and content development for the magazine. He has worked for several years with American Iron Magazine where he managed events, licensing, web development, and wrote/photographed feature and technical stories. Mr. […]

S&S 106” Top End Kit for 2007 And Up Big Twins

The beauty of this 106″ kit from S&S Cycle, in addition of making your engine bigger, is that it’s an easy installation without need of any machining. No need to  rebalance flywheels, to bore the crankcases or even split the cases. That’s about as easy as it gets to get more displacement. Time and money […]

Paul Teutul Senior In Studio For OCC Rocks. Please, More Cowbell.

For your entertainment…and to give you the opportunity to comment again and again on OCC. (And no, I am not paid, never been, to write any article or publish any picture or video). Below the email I received from the Discovery Channel. “Thought you might like this clip from tonite’s episode of American Chopper featuring Sr. […]

Brad Pitt. Bruised Ego.

Sooner or later we will fall. At least one time. Fine, it belongs to the sport of motorcycling. When you are a celebrity it’s one thing to have paparazzi following you everywhere. It’s another one to have your picture taken when you fall from your motorcycle, then flashed in all people magazines around the world. […]

Picture Of The Week. Strip Club And Harleys.

Quite surprising for an official Harley-Davidson magazine ad running right now in France and conceived by an advertising Agency that I know very well (Euro RSCG &CO). Excellent art direction and copy writing. At night, 10 Harley motorcycles parked front of a Strip Club. The tag line says: “The Paris Motorbike Show has been cancelled. Don’t […]

Zero Engineering 2010 Choppers Calendar

From the home of the original Samurai Choppers a calendar featuring 12 inspiring choppers and 12 non less inspiring Japanese girls. They have a universal design, meaning that no holidays are mentioned to be used internationally. Only 1000 have been printed and can you can order one (worldwide shipping) only from the Zero Engineering Website. […]

Vote For Cycle Source 2009 Best Of The Motorcycle Industry

Soon we are going soon to turn the 2009 page, and what a year it is (was)! It’s the time of the year when a magazine like Cycle Source wants to know who and what, for you readers, was the best of this year. The results will be published in their January 2010 issue. You can […]

Best Time Ever To Turn Your Buell Into A Chopper

Easy bet: In 2010 you are going to see lots and lots of custom bikes built on a Buell base. Several reasons for  this. 1- Builders and smart individuals are rushing to take advantage of one in a lifetime bargain on the remaining 08 and 09 zero miles models 2- Buells have always been excellent bikes to […]

Motorcycle Only Checkpoints. Protecting Or Profiling Bikers?

 As far as I am concerned, and I just checked again the definition of “profiling”, to organize motorcycle only checkpoints fits perfectly in the register of discriminatory tools creating a kind of social sorting and segmentation with very unfair effects on bikers. You may or you may not know, if you didn’t experiment it, that […]

New 2″ Semi Open Belt Drives From BDL.

Another nice component for Baggers. These new beautifully machined BDL’s 2” Semi Open Belt Drives cover all popular Harley-davidson Baggers. Actually there are 2. One is specifically designed for a precision fit to 1990-2006 machines and the other for 2007 and later bikes. Each kit incorporates a unique top belt guard that fits precisely into […]

OCC Rocks And Paul Teutul Senior Sings Summertime Blues

Get a hit on television and the merchandising machine will roll exploiting all possible commercial opportunities. And OCC is pursuing a new one with today’s Tuesday October 27th official release date of classic rock compilation CD and MP3’s curated by OCC founder Paul Teutul Senior.  The 17 tracks album named OCC Rocks includes not only famous […]

Sturgis Rally Joke Of The Week

A cowboy at the Sturgis Rally. A cowboy appeared before St. Peter at the Pearly Gates. ‘Have you ever done anything of particular merit?’ St. Peter asked. ‘Well, I can think of one thing,’ the cowboy offered.  “On a trip to the Black Hills out in South Dakota , I came upon a gang of […]

New Baker Drivetrain Vintage Cast Aluminum 4-Speed Transmission

Would be nice if you could install in your vintage or in your vintage looking bike a transmission looking like it belongs to your style of bike but with modern internal components. Bert Baker thought about it. Bye bye polished or chromed 6061-T6 billet aluminum. Hello again to A356-T6 cast aluminum. Bert Baker goes back in […]

Best Self Promoting Tee-Shirt Of The Month

Ray owns a business called Biker Rain Chaps. And in these tough times (or rainy days) he had to find a cheap creative way to promote his business. So he created this tee-shirt “My Bike Makes Me Wet” that you can get for free + 25% discount on his chaps when you place an order […]

Pro-One Mini Motorcycle Registration Holder

If it didn’t happen to you, it will! Because you are distracted or just because you have a ride only wallet, you forget your registration. Which is very fine until a cop  approaches you and asks your “driver license, registration, insurance…”. And as you know, more than when you drive a car, the absence of […]

Chopper Kultcha

    A shop named Chopper Kultcha (phonetic pronunciation of word Culture in a British accent), located in Abu Dhabi (it’s in UAE, or United Arab Emirates), managed by a custom builder whose name is  Mario Kyprianides (it’s Greek Cypriot), wo is amazing bike show judges in Europe with a bike called “Courtesan” (who you can almost describe as a high […]

Harley-Davidson Incentive. $5,000 To The Dealer For Each Buell Sold

Last Monday, 3 days after Harley-Davidson decided to drop Buell I was informed that my local Harley-Davidson dealers in South Florida were already re-writing sticker prices of every Buell in stock to 50% of the original MSRP. Then, Milwaukee faxed to all dealers to announce an incentive to help move all Buell models out of […]

New And Interesting. 3-Piece Wheel Design With Internal Brake System.

Published here for the 1st time after years of research & development by Aaron Glenn who has a long experience in the street-rod industry, this is a new true 3-piece wheel combo including a brake rotor, a brake and its bracket.   The rim barrel is a-one piece design with a built in flange that accepts the […]

Harley-Davidson Helmet Project

Good initiative of  the Harley-Davidson Museum in partnership with the Milwaukee Institute of Art & Design (MIAD) to present a feature exhibit of the history of helmet as function and piece of art. No, it’s not about the controversy of choosing or not to wear a helmet but an exploration of its evolution. Until November 8th […]