New Brass Balls Bobber Giveaway


You didn’t win it last year? Here is your new chance. Once again Brass Balls Bobbers has teamed up with IronWorks to create a very unique giveaway bike, a Model 1 Bobber. To enter, simply . That’s it! Just for $19.95! The Model 1 comes with Baker 5 speed transmission, Harley-Davidson EVO engine, D&D Exhaust with reverse megaphone pipe, S&S carburetor, Willwood brakes, Tauer Machine clutch and Warlord primary. This year, Metzeler is contributing by providing premium tires for the build. One of the benefits of these tires is that they are “no-growth” tires, meaning not expanding when hot, the advantage being to be able to run fenders closer to them without clearance issues..