New Berseker Foot Controls

BerserkerForwardbersekermidSome will qualify them as retro looking. Others as techno-industrial. Doesn’t matter. They are minimalists and look pretty good in black anodizing and brass plating (yes, you can get them in boring polish or chrome). These new Berseker controls are offered in forward or mid-control versions, with models for Softail Evo & Twin Cam, FXR & Dyna with optional 2″ extension for tall riders. At

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  1. 1 Aug 28th, 2009 at 10:50 am

    Thanks for popping these on and giving everybody a look-see.
    Much appreciated. To clarify, the controls are available in chrome(of course) or bright dip black anodize, and the brass pegs and accents are actually 100% solid brass and not plating (no skimping here). Splined arms and an 18 month warranty to boot.

    Thanks again and have a great weekend.

    Bill Rebensdorf
    Supreme Legends USA

  2. 2 Aug 29th, 2009 at 7:51 am

    do your controls still use bushings instead of bearings for the pivot surfaces? last set i saw on a customers bike were older and we had to rebush them becuase the really wobbled loose. just a question

  3. 3 The Supreme Team Aug 29th, 2009 at 9:52 am

    We use an oilite bronze bushing in our controls. Pretty standard component across the industry.
    There’s no need for a bearing in there as they are not weight bearing components, but simply a pivot. HD even uses a nylon bushing in some of their components, so these are a definite step up from that.

    I could definitely put bearings in there, but up goes the price to the end user by $80-100 per control (dist. and dealers need their margins too). In fact, we took our prices down last year to be in a midrange pricing level, which lowered our margins, while incurring more cost on upgrading the control components, and upping the ante to an 18 month warranty.

    Truth be told, I have yet to hear anybody with the issue you’re bringing up, and I talk to people daily that have had the controls on 7,8,9 years. Each and every control is individually shimmed during assembly to allow a very minor amount of play in there, but no “wobbles” ‘allowed. The bushings are actually installed, and then reamed out .002/.003 oversize to allow some movement without binding.

    Last and unfortunately not least….depending on the control you are looking at, as is the case with our old Classic control (with rigid pegs…we’ve since changed the entire look)…there are at least 6 other companies knocking that design off, including a couple from Taiwan, and I get numerous people weekly calling me to replace damaged parts, and we come fo find, more often than not, that they are mistaking ours for someone else’s.
    Not saying things don’t wear out, because they definitely can, but I have yet to field a complaint regarding bushings wearing out.

    Our controls are made from all American aluminum, either Kaiser or Alcoa, and no Chinese junk. We buy our internal and external components here, including all stainless hardware.
    We offer an 18 month warranty on our products, and have made improvements to them since our takeover of the company back in 2007 including splining the shafts and broaching the arms.
    Prior to this, they were made with a straight knurled shaft being swaged into an undersize hole, which, though few and far between, allowed for stripping of the arms.

    Very sorry to hear you ever had any issue with a Supreme control before. Unfortunately, we have manufactured the product for the last 5 years, during a time where the previous owner was using 4-5 different shops for outsourcing without a CAD drawing in sight. In fact, we were forced to produce drawings to ensure the quality that came from our shop, regardless of what he was getting elsewhere. Sadly enough, I can actually discern ours from anothers during that time simply due to some of the poor machining that he allowed through.

    In late 2006, we became the primary manufacturer of the product (machining only) and in late 2007, we finally took the company over outright, moved it ino our ISO 9001:2008 registered facility, and began overseeing and fine tuning the operations, as well as all assembly.

    That being said…(jeez…it was a simple question right…WTH?)…we are doing everything to bring you a more perfect product while keeping the prices down.
    I hope to say you shouldn’t see these kinds of issues in the future. I know that with splining the shaft, we are reaming the shift side bushings to a smaller, tighter diameter, whereas with the knurled shafts, you had to ream it an extra .005 (enough to get over the raised knurls), so quite possibly that may have caused some of your wobble.
    For good measure, and to address your concern, next time I bring a control in for any damage repairs (we offer that too if you ever need it), I will personally check out the bushings to see how they’re wearing.

    Thanks for the inquiry…hope I answered your question somewhere in there.


  4. 4 Aug 29th, 2009 at 12:18 pm was a few years ago and the shift arm was also spinning on its shaft..not cool. they were definetely supremes..thanks for the update and maybe i will try a set on my next build..i primarily use accutronix becuase of bearings, adjustability, fit and finish..yes they cost more but they last a long time..price vs. return. sounds like you have the manufacturing under control congrats..cant hurt to post it here.

  5. 5 Aug 31st, 2009 at 7:15 pm

    Oops…Berserker. The poor guy on the phone didn’t know how to pronounce Berseker today…LOL.

  6. 6 Sep 1st, 2009 at 4:41 pm


  7. 7 Sep 1st, 2009 at 6:04 pm

    $699 introductory on retail, in chrome, or black, and with satin or polished finish pegs.
    Thanks for the inquiry!


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