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Rolling Thunder Tomorrow In Washington DC

Tomorrow Sunday May 24, the 22nd annual motorcycle event called Rolling Thunder  will honor all the Vets, POWs and MIA’s of all wars. You saw the parade on TV, while in Washington or even have been part of it. But you may not know about this rally’s history. Rolling Thunder began as a demonstration following the […]

Michael Jordan GG-Quad

In reaction to my post about the English Yamaha powered four wheel motorcycle, Keith Smith, Co-Owner and General Manager USA/Canada/Mexico Distribution & Sales of GG Quad North America sent me the following email (pics of the GG-Quad built for Basket Ball Star and motorcycle enthusiast Michael Jordan)

Royal Tattoo Helmets.

First, if you wonder about the ‘Fleur-De-Lys” graphic, it’s the traditional symbol for the French throne. But this version used on the “Smet Helmets” is a design derived from the tattoo work of artist Don Ed Hardy. For all those who got a case of pinstripping overdose. Padding is removable, so you can easily clean it. These […]

Myrtle Beach Rally Protest To Eliminate Lousy Politicians

The Facebook page to “Get Rid Of Mayor John Rhodes And City Council Of Myrtle Beach” is here. 

New 69 MM Open Belt Drive System For Late Harley Softails®

Just released by Belt Drives LTD., this new, model specific is designed for use exclusively on 2007- 2009 Softail®. This latest conversion kit incorporates a 52 tooth front pulley and 69 tooth rear pulley. It’s a full 69 mm (2.72”) wide for a perfect combination of performance, strength, reliability and durability. Additionally BDL has developed […]

Victorinox Special Edition Airstream

            An Airstream is still one of my “fantasy-on-wheels”. This series, called the Victorinox, is a 125 units limited edition created to celebrate the Swiss Army maker’s 125th anniversary. Gorgeous in & out, it will set you back $59,000. It’s 19-foot long and features solid surface countertops, a retractable awning, modern […]

Texas Hardtail Scooter Show. Jesse James And More…

“Hey Cyril. I want to let you & your readers know about my latest Texas Hardtails Scooter Show Podcast that’s up on my website. In episode 9 (video & audio), I interviewed Jesse James & talked to him about his new TV show Jesse James is a Dead Man, his appearance on Celebrity Apprentice & […]

Inverted Control Levers Are Back

I don’t need to explain why they are again so popular. But apparently, not many of you know where to buy a set of inverted levers. So, here an address where you can find them in 2 versions, smooth and teardrop finned designs. They are available for 7/8” and 1” handlebars, the levers hooking up […]

Sturgis 2nd Annual Baker Burnout Drags Competition Is August 7th

Baker will bring again riotous fire and rubber-burning fury to the 2009 Sturgis Rally. 12 of the world’s top custom bike builders will go head-to-head in a no-holds-barred, tournament-style drag race competition. The unbridled mayhem will be unleashed Friday, August 7th in the main amphitheater at the Legendary Buffalo Chip, with the support of Spectro […]

Hardcore Watches

Evidently, Designer Steve Soffa uses the symbols and imagery of the biker lifestyle as inspiration for his Hardcore Series Of Watches. If you love the Maltese design  (it belongs to public domain as the opposite of what many people think) and are looking for a new (or rally only) timepiece, these 2 watches look pretty […]

RideMaxx™ Plus Wireless EFI Tuner

The RideMaxx™ Plus Wireless EFI Tuner by AMFD lets you feel the power of what your bike can do with more upgraded features like; fuel accelerator pump to deliver extra fuel to match the engine’s needs and snappier throttle response during quick throttle movements. Includes software for most portable Bluetooth enabled devices and is wireless […]

Marcus Walz. Hardcore For Life.

My first with Custom Builder Marcus Walz was in 1993. He wrote an email congratulating me about my James Dean tribute bike called “Deanager”, telling me that he was also a huge Jimmy Dean fan. As a proof he also emailed pictures of his residence in Ockenheim, Germany showing black & white Dean’s pictures adorning most of […]

Paughco Chrome Steel Axle Spacer Kits

Building from the ground up, changing wheels and/or a front end/swingarm, and you will need to find the right spacers. Even a Pro Builder doesn’t know (and can’t know) in advance the width (or length) of spacers he (she) will need. Reason why anyone tinkering with bikes should have at all times a full set of […]

Soon A 4-Wheel Motorcycle?

In Europe, the 3-wheeler Piaggio MP3 scooter is a huge hit. And now, an English company called “Four Wheeled Motorcycle Compagny Limited” shows the prototype of a 4-wheel motorcycle named 4MC powered by a Yamaha 400 cm3 . But is it a motorcycle? Its designer Nick Schotter insists it is because in a turn it […]

Ethanol Fuel Controversy

As you know Ethanol is a clean-burning, high-octane motor fuel that is produced from renewable sources. At most gas stations a percentage of ethanol is combined with unleaded gasoline. The federal government arbitrarily limits the use of ethanol in a gallon of gasoline to just 10 percent (E10 = 10% ethanol and 90% unleaded gasoline). […]

Myrtle Beach Bike Week. Disappointment And Anger.

The state of the economy and the series of Myrtle Beach ordinances passed last Fall  to discourage bikers to come to the May event had a disastrous effect on the rally attendance. Bikers who attended and dared to venture inside the city, alike local residents, were also angered by the multiple road blocks organized by police, […]

Jesse James Demolition Death Race Online Game

As you already know, the new Jesse James TV Show “Jesse James s A Dead Man” will debut May 31 at 10 PM on Spike TV.  To boost the show and increase traffic to the Spike Website the show producers  launch an online video game named “The Demolition Death Race”. The game challenge is to win the […]

Fix My Hog Releases 2 New Harley-Davidson Maintenance And Performance DVD’s

When he released the original motorcycle maintenance DVDs six years ago, Dennis Santopietro, President and Founder of Fix My Hog couldn’t have anticipated the overwhelming positive reaction from critics and customers alike. Because there is always more to learn about any motorcycle, because models evolve and because you want to do more yourself, Dennis announced […]

Wire Plus New Shield Wiring System

Wire Plus Powersports Electronics introduces their newly designed “Shield” wiring system that mounts the power control module and ignition switch together. The power control module features Solid State breakers that never need replacing, is waterproof and has separate circuits for the ignition, accessories, head light, running lights and an isolated compression release circuit. It also […]

A 1946 Harley Knucklehead Fine Restoration

            Friend of the industry Marc Frantz has all reasons to be excited. He just got an immaculate 1946 Harley-Davidson Knucklehead. This 74” is a low compression “Model F” (only 418 were produced) and it was fully restored from the ground up by the renovation masters at Milestone Restoration in […]

Hand-Porting Motorcycle Engine Cylinder Heads. A Dying Art Form.

For those who don’t know, “hand-porting” is modifying the intake and exhaust ports of an internal combustion engine to improve the quality and quantity of the air flow, hence your engine performance. It is a task that today’s generation of techs would rather leave to machines. But there are a handful of rebel-minded innovators left […]

Liability Trial Against Big Bear Choppers

Motorcycle are dangerous and potential liability exposure of Builders and Manufacturers is extremely high. A product liability trial arising out of an alleged custom motorcycle defect on a Big Bear Choppers motorcycle began yesterday in the United States District Court for the Northern District of New York.

Euro Festival. 15000 Bikers In The St-Tropez Gulf

Sometimes I wonder why biker life is sometimes so difficult in some US cities (did I say Myrtle Beach?). Take the French Riviera small historic village of St-Tropez located in the most beautiful landscape you can imagine (have been there many times, done all the St-Tropez crazy stuff…). No place is more protected by environmentalists […]

Should A Motorcycle Always Look Like A Motorcycle?

TSgt Randy Redman, of Public Affairs at USAF Thunderbirds sent me the following letter about a new OCC theme bike. Personally, I don’t challenge the quality of the fab. work or deny the fact that OCC has probably accomplished the mission assigned by its client Norhop Gruman, but I still think that a motorcycle should look like a […]

Steven Tyler and Dirico Motorcycles To Attend Sturgis Bike Week.

Dirico Motorcycles USA, the brand of Steven Tyler’s inspiration and Mark Dirico’s innovation, will be appearing at the 2009 Sturgis Bike Week. Tyler himself will be there performing with Aerosmith, the official band of the event.  Dirico Motorcycles will be displaying bikes at the 7th Annual Metzeler Bike contest on Tuesday, August 4, at Buffalo […]

Dakota Digital New 2009 Gauges

Released at the Cincinnati V-twin Expo, these 2 direct plug-in gauges for Harley-Davidson 2004 & up, one for Sporsters & Dynas, the other for Road Kings, Softails and Deuce. Extremely bright LED’s for maximum viewing in direct sunlight. Dakota Digital.