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Source Interlink Files For Bankruptcy

First, on February 3rd I received by email from one of  my sources alarming information regarding Source Interlink, publisher of 75 magazines (including Hot Bike, Street Chopper, Baggers, Motorcycle Cruiser, Motorcyclist, etc). News that the company would probably cease their distribution, was terminating many  high level positions within their motorcycle titles, and was already contemplating filling […]

International Female Ride Day Is Tomorrow May 1st

International Female Ride Day was started by Vicki Gray the Motoress, to build awareness of female riders everywhere around the world. All motorcycle brands, individuals, clubs are  welcome. The good thing is that no single motorcycle manufacturer is authorized to sponsor this event. It’s only about getting together, emphasizing the many numbers of females who […]

Master Engraver John Bianco

            What can I say about an excellent motorcycle engraver? First, that I used him, so I know how good he is. Second, that, as you now, 2 pictures are worth 2000 words. So, I just saved you exactly 1987 words of my writing. You can him on my […]

Picture Of The Week

  A BBQ Trike! I am afraid that the engine is going to overheat even when the trike is standing still.

The Smoke Out 10th Anniversary

The 10th Anniversary “Smoke Out”,  and all the next ones will be one week long. The 2009 event will start in Cottonwood, AZ with a two-day blow out launch party starting Friday night May 8th, 2009 and going all day long Saturday 9th. The party will include the usual mayhem with music, vendors, a chop-off, […]

Jim Nasi New Bagger Kits For 2009 Harleys

Jim Nasi already offers several Bagger Kits for models 97-08. Now, he is launching a new series for 2009 Harley models.  “Cyril, you know that Harley-Davidson changed the frame and a lot of other things with the 2009 models  (thanks guys!). So, I created a new kit specifically for these models. I had some customers that absolutely […]

Resignation of AMA Hall Of Fame Museum Director Mark Mederski

The American Motorcyclist Association (AMA) has announced that Mark Mederski has resigned as executive director of the American Motorcycle Heritage Foundation (AMHF), which operates the AMA’s Motorcycle Hall of Fame Museum.
Mederski was overseeig a number of major exhibits at the AMA’s Motorcycle Hall of Fame Museum, including “A Century of Indian,” “Heroes of Harley-Davidson,” “Motocross […]

Fusion Style Custom Motorcycles

For one-off custom motorcycles, we are beyond the One trend. Beyond the Chopper & Bobber trends. We entered what I call the “Fusion Style”. It doesn’t matter anymore the engine you use, the modern and vintage influence you get, the type of new or old school you belong to, the width of your rims, the […]

Orange County Ducati

Not a joke. OCC is opening a Ducati Dealership called Ducati Hudson Valley in Newburgh, NY. And of course, the Teutuls will be giving the OCC treament to a new custom L-twin-powered Monster 1100 that will be featured on an upcoming episode of American Chopper on TLC.  The project will include new elements from Ducati’s […]

Foot Controls For Harley Shovelhead

 Black Sunshine Customs are now introducing Foot Controls for 4-speed Shovels with Ratchet Top and/or Baker 6 into 4 Transmissions. These controls are available for foot clutch and jockey shifting. The other option is Foot Clutch and Rear Brake operated by Hand Control. Foot Controls come raw with option of black powder coating or chrome). […]

Big Mountain Run Of Tennessee June 18/20th

Lost Knucklehead

Back in 1970, a company called “Jammer Cycle Products” was born. Offering a righteous collection of frames, wheels, handlebars, gas tanks, sissy bars, front ends and all the stuff you needed to build a chopper, “Jammer” became known as the place that had the “Cool” stuff.  Carrying on the legacy that started 39 years ago, […]

More Than 90 Vintage Motorcycle Logos To Choose From

Are vintage motorcycles your way of life? Don & Peg Miller in PA ride, sponsor, promote, compete in all types of vintage motorcycle events, restore and collect many old brands. Purveyors of motorcycle history, they offer a very wide selection of vintage tee-shirts, jerseys, riding gear and accessories featuring more than 90 logos to choose […]

LePera Seats New Catalog

Leather, vinyl, metal flake vinyl and many other exotic custom styles are since 1972 the specialy of LePera Seats. Hot off the press, Le Pera’s latest catalog is every bit as stylish and well thought out as the company’s legendary seats. The table top quality directory to premium custom seating opens with a tribute to […]

Do Women Really Need A Specially Designed Factory Model?

Is it marketing hype or reality? Since I am doing this business, every year or so I hear about a shop proclaiming that it is building a model to be mass produced just for women. The manufacturer or shop making this claim can be managed by men stating that they have an acute understanding of women riding needs, or a woman managed entity […]

Harley-Davidson Management Facing Tough Questions

Last Saturday was Harley-Davidson shareholders meeting.  Not surprisingly, both shareholders and employees asked tough questions regarding job cuts and outsourcing. President & CEO Jim Ziemer, who retires in a few days  stated again that Harley expects 2009 to be an extremely challenging year the company will continue to reduce excess production capacity to be in […]

LightPot. A Lamp To Plant…Whatever

Because it’s Green Planet Month (I am confused, it’s every month), one post for green decoration and entertainment. You know that to have indoor plants help you purify air. I will not show you this new light if I didn’t like the design and the concept. If you live in a big city condo, planting […]

Reaching Cloud 9 On A Chopper

              Isn’t refreshing to see a Chopper among a see of Bobbers, especially when it is a Chopper looking like…a true Chopper. 100% Finnish style, but of course inspired by the California Choppers of the late 60’s, it was built in Finland by a shop called “Flying Choppers” and recently […]

Last Ride Customs Hand Tooled Seats

Another good address in Michigan for all your custom seat needs.  As in most good upholstery shops, it’s the boss himself who is going to hand make and stitch your seat or bag. Adam Croft just redid his website and shows you a wide selection of his awesome seats ordered by the custom builders who are household […]

Keep It For You

S&S Cycle and former Crane Cams CEO Lance Harris would have paid 1.2 million for the Crane Cam name, 16 patents, 3 trademarks and inventory – Since 1967 Mike Corbin has made custom seats and accessories like fairings, backrests, saddlebags,  for almost all motorcycle manufacturers. But one day he would like to retire. His business, […]

Jay Leno Rides A 1931 Henderson KJ

Jay Leno’s Garage Website is getting better & better. Going there from time to time to check out the old bikes. See Jay riding the superbike of the 30’s. Like me, be envious of all what Jay keeps in his garage.  

Joke Of The week

A drunk man who smelled like beer sat down on a subway next to a priest. The man’s tie was stained, his face was plastered with red lipstick, and a half-empty bottle of gin was sticking out of his torn coat pocket. He opened his newspaper and began reading. After a few minutes the man […]

Inaugural Bike Week New Orleans. May 6th-10th

No major bike event in New Orleans since 2005 hurricane Katrina. So, it is time to give all Louisiana and neighboring States a big bike fest.  And the organizers of the Inaugural Bike Week New Orleans intend to throw a party to rival its famous Mardi Gras. Entertainment, friendly locals, custom bikes, music, Cajun food […]

The Intelligent Way To Store & Protect Your Bike Accessories

Ever kicked your helmet, walked on your windshield, tripped on your bags and looked for your riding gloves lost somewhere in your garage? A company called Thunder Creek Customs offers a unique line up of fully adjustable storage systems to safeguard your bike detachable accessories and your riding gear. Rack stands or wall mounts they […]

New Zip On The Cloth

Writing this Blog and deciphering a lot of press releases, you can’t imagine how much I learn every day, important or not. Like, did you know that you can improve the way people pull their zipper tab, split rings without busting their finger nails, etc. Well, and doing it in style like making the S&S […]

New Controls By Stevenson’s Cycle

These new controls conceived by Steve Broyles Sr. of Stevenson’s Cycle are made of steel instead of billet aluminum. Controls are available with left side shifter or hydraulic foot clutch and are sold in sets or separately. They fit all 4-speed frames, as well as Softails up to 99. They will fit 2000 and up […]