Seminole Hard Rock Roadhouse Will Kick Off the Inaugural New Orleans Bike Week.

srhThe will be featured at the to help kick off the first annual from May 6-10, 2009. In addition to showcasing some of the best bikes from the industry’s biggest names, the Roadhouse will feature some new additions, including a collection of customized Hard Rock Fender guitars that were debuted during Daytona Bike Week.

Of course, the Roadhouse wouldn’t be complete without custom motorcycles. Attendees will have the opportunity to see the latest works from some of the world’s hottest custom bike builders. The photography exhibit will feature work from world-renowned motorcycle photographer Michael Lichter, Josh Kurpius and others. A traditional Rock’ n’ Roll Hard Rock Guitar Smash will kick off the New Orleans Bike Week on Thursday at the Morial Convention Center. 

“We’re excited to support and be part of New Orleans’ first annual Bike Week,” said Carrie Repp, producer of the Hard Rock Roadhouse and owner of R&R Promotions. “We’re working with some of the best in the industry including , , and Easyriders Bike Show Tour to put New Orleans back on the map of the country’s best motorcycle rallies.

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  1. 1 Samantha Ruiz Mar 31st, 2009 at 11:43 am

    Great. A great weekend for all cajuns.

  2. 2 Apr 1st, 2009 at 6:11 am

    Thanks so much for helping us spread the word. There are now billboards on Interstate-10 coming into New Orleans from Texas, and soon to be Southern Comfort, and Coca-Cola product announcements in stores in a 3-state radius. The activities guide was just posted on and is being updated every few days to reflect more participants. I’m getting excited!

  3. 3 Grayhawk Apr 1st, 2009 at 7:56 am

    Sounds like a good time. Can anyone from the New Orleans area give a bit more insight on accomodations, parking, security etc., in the immediate area of the rally. Also areas to stay away from that have still not recovered from Katrina, for instance.
    When you goggle bike week New Orleans the official site lists two hotels only. If you do the same for area hotels you get the norm of course but that does not much for knowing if the hotel has parking or not as a lot of them in the French Quarter may not. New rally few details. Any info would be appreciated.
    Thanks in advance

  4. 4 Spider Racing Apr 1st, 2009 at 11:35 am

    I grew up in N.O. most of those Quarter hotels do not have on site parking most have a secure lot a few blocks away it will def be on a case by case basis.. call the hotel and talk to them thats what we did . The two hotels they list are closer then the quarter but to me if you are going to go you need to stay in the quarter there is no place like it. I was in the city about a month ago things are about back to normal and anywhere you would want to see or go is more then safe
    Hope to see you there

  5. 5 Apr 1st, 2009 at 12:18 pm

    Hi – Jen here with Broken Spoke and Bike Week New Orleans. I wanted to chime in and say that this is a very unique event, in that we have planned most everything to be happening within a 5-city block radius. The event location is concentrated in what is called the “Warehouse and Arts district”, which is where the Convention Center is located. It is a fun area with lots of great bars, restaurants, galleries, etc. Our “host” hotels are the Hilton Riverside and the Marriott Convention Center. Both are fantastic hotels and are offering exclusive rates for the event, and bike self-parking at a reduced rate (at the Hilton it is included in the room rate). Both hotels are walking distance from the event. We have closed off streets near the event for bike parking, and will also be using convention center lots for parking. We are working with the Hampton Inn and Hilton Garden Inn, which literally overlook the event grounds. Both hotels are offering Bike Week rates and parking specials. These will be posted on our website shortly ( The Warehouse district is walking distance to the French Quarter, or there is a trolley that leaves from in front of the Hilton Riverside to the Quarter. But every event at Bike Week New Orleans – the music, SoCo girls and taste of New Orleans inside the Broken Spoke, the Easyriders Bike Show, the Hard Rock Roadhouse, the Chrome Kitchen, the Harley-Davidson merchandise sale, the Budweiser Burnout Bike, the seafood festival, and so much more – are all concentrated in an area around the Convention Center, in the Warehouse & Arts District. It will be a buzz of motorcycle activity and authentic New Orleans flavor – and you can stay and play all in the same area. We are sending a packet of New Orleans information to all who book in advance – tickets and/or hotel. Our welcome center at 501 Basin Street Station will also provide more local area information, which people can pick up as they arrive. I would also recommend that you the local Harley dealers – New Orleans Harley-Davidson and Hurricane Harley-Davidson for insider information. The are the local experts! Thank you and we hope to see you in New Orleans!

  6. 6 Grayhawk Apr 1st, 2009 at 10:09 pm

    Now thats what ya call a couple of good responses, thanks for the good info Jen and Spider.

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