Bodies In Motion. What Makes Us Feel So Good.

Many books have been published about motorcycling. But none like this one. Don’t expect glossy double spread motorcycle pictures. This book is an essay about why we ride. And the answer is not as simple as the 3 F’s of motorcycling that you all know: Fun, Freedom and Flying on the ground.
Author Steven L. Thompson goes in a deep search to understand what motivates motorcyclists to ride. On his mission, he goes beyond exploring history and relies on behavioral sciences to explain why an individual is attracted or even addicted to motorcycles and motorcycling, while another may be indifferent or openly hostile. If you are interested in the future of our sport, Steven also bring clear answers and original perspectives.
A must read to understand the cultural, political and legal issues we are all facing. Even the foreword written by Andy Goldfine is remarkable writing. Order online at or through the book website at

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