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Big Dog Celebrates Its 15th Anniversary And 25,000th Motorcycle

With 25,000 bikes sold, Big Dog Motorcycles is still the # 1 factory-custom manufacturer owning a market share of 55% to 60%. And to keep its leadership the company is pushing an international presence and will soon open 8 dealers in Canada. For 2009, Big Dog has 3 new models: Wolf, Coyote and Bulldog bagger. […]

Orange County Choppers Line Of Titanium Jewelry

OCC Titanium Rings, Black Titanium Rings, Bracelets, Key Chains, & Necklaces for men are now for sale at Titanium Jewelry, a leading online retailer of jewelry designs for men and women. No, the jewelry is not manufactured (is it designed?) by OCC but by a company called Spectore. “As our newest addition of titanium rings, […]

Bodies In Motion. What Makes Us Feel So Good.

Many books have been published about motorcycling. But none like this one. Don’t expect glossy double spread motorcycle pictures. This book is an essay about why we ride. And the answer is not as simple as the 3 F’s of motorcycling that you all know: Fun, Freedom and Flying on the ground. Author Steven L. […]

New Indian Motorcycle Dealers Announced

In December, Indian Motorcycle is going to open 6 new dealerships. In Omaha, NE. Pittsburg, PA. Detroit. MI. Paducah, KY. Wichita, KS, Phoenix, AZ. Each of the initial 50 Indian dealerships will feature interior space entirely devoted to selling and servicing Indians and official Indian parts and accessories and will be staffed by an experienced […]

Young Children Forbidden On Motorcycles?

There is not such a law in the US preventing any children to be a passenger on a motorcycle. But I Canada, a new law on the books wants to prohibit youngsters under 14 from riding as passengers on a motorcycle. Ontario Bill 117 is in the initial stages of new legislation, having been given […]

Sucker Punch Sally Launches The Destination Duo

Equal parts old-school and modern, the Destination Duo bike celebrates the 50th anniversary of the first fully suspended American motorcycle. The motorcycle is nostalgically styled after the Harley-Davidson Duo Glide while featuring the modern components standard on all Sucker Punch Sally’s models In partnership with motorcycle entrepreneur Bruce Rossmeyer, SPS created 50 of these limited edition […]

T-Rex. A 3-Wheel Race Car.

Kudos must be given to any motorcycle company creating a niche market and being successful at marketing its products. Campagna Motors is a young Canadian company that designs, manufactures and distributes unique “race car type” 3-wheel vehicles combining performance, fun & style.  I promise that if you are a sports car fan you are going […]

Happy Thanksgiving.

How to cook a Thanksgiving turkey: Step 1: Go buy a turkey. Step 2: Take a drink of whiskey, scotch, or JD. Step 3: Put turkey in the oven. Step 4: Take another 2 drinks of whiskey. Step 5: Set the degree at 375 ovens. Step 6: Take 3 more whiskeys of drink. Step 7: […]

Motorcycle Memorabilia Online Christmas Auction

Looking for a motorcycle gift idea? The AMA’s Motorcycle Hall of Fame Museum’s online holiday auction runs through November 30, so enthusiasts still have 5 days to log on to Motorcycle Museum and speed through their holiday shopping. The auction offers everything from memorabilia autographed by notable names like Arlen Ness and Malcolm Smith to […]

New 2009 Wheels From RC Components

It’s the sesaon, between now and February (Dealers V-Twin Expo), when most parts manufacturers are going to relase their new products. One of the first to do so is RC Components with a new line of wheels in polish, chrome, black anodizing or the new look of these last 3 years, polish against black anodizing. Of couse, all […]

Best & Worst Bikers On The Silver Screen

They can be good actors and looking terrible when riding on the silver screen. Or bad actors hired because they have good riding skills. Very rarely actors are good at both acting and riding. Steve McQueen. He was a natural, both as actor and motorcycle rider, even acting better near a motorcycle than front of other […]

Official. US Bikers Can Now Order The Harley-Davidson XR-1200

Discretely, Harley-Davidson just confirmed that US bikers can now pre-order one of the 750 limited production XR-120. And if you do it now, it can be ready sitting under your Christmas tree in orange & black like on this picture. You can place your order during the next 3 weeks and no later than December […]

Motorcycles Can Be Dangerous For Your Sex Life.

We all know that motorcycles are dangerous. But for your sex life too? A study carried out by doctors in Japan has revealed men that ride motorcycles are at risk of impotence and urinary problems because the vibrations of the engine damage nerves in their penises. The survey of more than 230 motorcyclists who rode […]

Ironhead Sportster Frame

How many times I got this one? Looking for a frame for my Ironhead… Here the answer from Nash Motorcycles. It features a 35 degree rake, 2″ stretch down tube, and 3″ stretch backbone. Accepts up to 140 series rear tire, and fits 1957-1981 Ironhead Sportster engines. MSRP is $1,085.00. Call the boys at Nash […]

Wire Plus Introduces Their Power Port

Now available from Wire Plus is the “Diamond Cut” single Power Port. This small compact power port is constructed from billet aluminum then chromed. Now you can power your cigarette lighter, cell phone, heated vest, air compressor or any electrical device up to 15 amps. Get rid of dangling wires and connect a battery charger […]

High School Built Custom Motorcycle

The Bernice Mac Naughton High School Bike Klub is an after-school program that helps the kids learn about self-worth, induces confidence and respect while teaching the all the trades involved in custom motorcycle construction and creation.

2008 Financial Terms Revised.

CEO –Chief Embezzlement Officer. CFO– Corporate Fraud Officer. BULL MARKET — A random market movement causing an investor to mistake himself for a financial genius. BEAR MARKET — A 6 to 18 month period when the kids get no allowance, the wife gets no jewelry, and the husband gets no sex. VALUE INVESTING — The […]

Buy A 2009 Harley-Davidson And Get Five Stock Shares

Gateway Harley-Davidson in St. Louis is giving five shares of Harley stock (ticker: HOG) to everyone who buys a new 2009 model. The shares have been trading in the mid- to upper-teens lately. The 52-week high was $50.04 a share. Owners Rene Creed and Chris Creed said sales are up 17 percent through October, to […]

Women To Shine With Pink Partz Line

              Recently launched apparel brand Pink Partz, puts its shine and sparkle on. Added to the line-up is the Shiny Pink Partz shirt highlighting the Pink Partz logo in sparkle and shine sewn directly on to soft fitted thermal shirt.   Pink Partz™ offers a variety of distinctive clothing and […]

Bike Of Yesteryear

I like lawyers only when they are tinkering with motorcycles. So, James Hugh, a lawyer by profession, deserves this post for creating a very cool motorized bicycle paying homage to the racing motorcycles of beginning of the last century. I don’t tell you more because there is a full interesting story about it by going […]

Most Beautiful Gadget

You are looking at a combination camera and multi-tools called “Le Coultre Compass” invented in 1936 by Noel Pemberton Billing (1881-1948), an English aviator, inventor and British Lord. The phantom camera was used by spies and although I am not one I dream of owning such an art piece. But its rarity made a buyer […]

Legal Battle To Keep Hell Bent Motorcycles Open

The owner of Hell Bent Custom Motorcycles, Ray Shott, shut his doors last week. He said he was forced out not by the tough economic times, but by a City Hall that said this business doesn’t conform to the city’s general plan. Shott said he got a business license in June and two months later […]

Hot-Shot Curved License Plate Assembly From Custom Chrome

This custom taillight & license plate holder is CNC- machined in a curved shape to fit the styling of most rear fenders. Made from 6061-T6 billet aluminum, the  ‘Hot-Shot’ is chrome-plated and features a black steel backing plate and is available with or without a curved red LED crescent style tail light which also has […]

Getting Back to Biker Basics. The Roots Of The American Biker.

“Arguably, establishing a base line would take one back to an era when motorcycles became a consumer commodity. Anything earlier should be relegated to “motorcycle pioneering,” a time when the machines were more powered bicycles than motorcycle. Total loss oil systems, gas lamps, and peddle-power assist were the hallmarks of a curiosity rather than a […]

Billy Lane Trial Tentatively Set For December.

During a pretrial conference hearing Tuesday in Viera, Florida Circuit Judge Meryl Allawas designated the trial as a “priority” for her Dec. 1-12 trial docket, with the understanding that it may have to be canceled if defense attorney Greg Eisenmenger or the state’s witnesses cannot move existing schedule conflicts. Police said Lane’s blood-alcohol level was […]

Lifestyle From Recycled Tires

Tires are thrown away everyday. Tire rubber is a super-material withstanding acid poured on it, preventing UV light to weaken it, that can receive temperatures of 230 Fahrenheit or 110 c . Although not being obsessively “green”, I think this Tread company does a good job at giving a new purpose to these waste tires. […]