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Get Chapped For Only $19.99

It’s raining in South Florida. Have to test a bike and can’t wait tomorrow. I hate to ride with wet jeans and also hate leather chaps. Makes me think that I should feature these light, compact, easy on/easy off rain chaps selling for only $19.99. Can’t beat this. Although not a replacement for full rain […]

US Debt Clock Running Out Of Digit

I am telling you. We need to become a “Cash Society”, buying only what we can afford, only what we need versus what we want. Same for our government borrowing like crazy from the remaining foreign countries still trusting us on our ability to pay them back.  The National Debt Clock in New York City […]

New Harley-Davidson Spokesmodel For The V-Rod Muscle

Starting today Harley-Davidson is launching an ad campaign featuring Marisa Miller, 30, to promote the new V-Rod Muscle motorcycle. It is a sporty, sleek bike that targets a younger, urban and affluent demographic. So, I guess the casting was about finding the girl that V-Rod Muscle riders would like to date.

Victory Motorcycles In Germany

During these last 2 years I didn’t stop hearing that Europe was the solution for motorcycle and parts manufacturers trying to compensate for sluggish sales in the US. I always agreed, even sharing advice with some of them. During the Intermot Tradeshow in Cologne, Germany Victory Motorcycles, a division of Polaris Industries, announced plans to […]

Play Texas Lottery. Win A Custom Motorcycle.

Must be a first in the industry. Custom Builder Grandeur Cycle was commissioned by the Texas Lottery’s Texas Ranger Scratch Off game to build 7 Texas-Theme Silver Edition custom motorcycles. The first model has already been the focus of attention at many promotional events throughout Texas and recently was on display at Southfork Ranch (Dallas […]

Letter To The Honorable Mary Peters
Secretary, U.S. DOT

“Dear Secretary Peters

I recently received a press release stating that you appointed James D. Reichenbach to the Motorcyclist Advisory Counsel to the Federal 
Highway Administration (MAC-FHWA)
I am surprised and shocked to hear that.
I am not aware of how Mr. Reichenbach came to your attention and 
what information about him was supplied to you in helping […]

Nashty Ol’ Bags

We love riding our “naked” bikes. But still, we need to carry stuff like a jacket, rain gear, a set of tools etc. Yes, you can ride with a backpack, but it’s not comfortable and quite annoying if you have a passenger.

Visit Daytona Biketoberfest Limpnickie Lot

Last year it was one of the main attractions during Biketoberfest. And I bet that this year it will be the same. A place to see (and be seen) with a display of the new generation of custom builders bikes and parts, some skate boarding, BMX atmosphere and a lot of improvised and not so […]

Worst Or Best Gadget Of The Year? Liquid Filled USB Drives

Beer floating in your USB Drive! On one hand it’s a good attention- grabbing idea. But a little bit tacky and risky if, like me, you break your USB drive on a regular basis. But the company doing this is ready to fill their drives with any liquid of your choice. Any manufacturer wishing to […]

Second Daytona “Biker Fusion” Is October 16th

Seminole Hard Rock Roadhouse will host a second “Biker Fusion” event during Daytona Biketoberfest.  Held for the 1st time during the last Daytona Bike Week “Biker Fusion” helps support our troops and attendees will have a chance to see great bikes from some of the industry’s top builders and mingle with the A-list of the […]

Auto Tune Your Harley V-Rod

I always thought that the V-Rod is a wonderful bike to ride. Can it ride better in any ambient conditions? It’s what the ThunderMax with Auto tune system is promising. The purpose is to give you full control of your EFI setup by letting this module analyzes the air/fuel ratio read by two wide-band oxygen […]

Vendetta To Raise Money

Hey Cyril: “I just got done with a bike that I am chancing off for the American Red Cross Armed Forces Disaster relief Fund.  We are only selling 500 tickets at 100.00 dollars a ticket so someone actually has a good chance to win. We are trying to get the American Red Cross and our […]

A Visit To The New Harley-Davidson Museum

            Motorcycle Photojournalist Jeff Bartucci visited the H-D Museum and briefly describes what he saw. “The H-D Museum is filled with extraordinary stories of people, culture, products and history compiled from day one. The museum was built near downtown Milwaukee, Wisconsin at the end of Canal St.  In fact the street […]

“The Chopper Challenge” Is On Tour

In previous posts I introduced you to “The Chopper Challenge”, the reality TV series airing on CMT network. Throughout the episodes you saw 9 motorcycle builders provided with a set of parts and having 30 days to complete a theme motorcycle, the theme being dictated by the brand sponsoring each episode. “The Chopper Challenge Experience” […]

Third Lawsuit To Stop New Myrtle Beach Rally Rules

Mike Shank, Highlander Marketing Inc., Festival Promotions LLC and Myrtle Beach Harley-Davidson filed the suit against the city in U.S. District Court. It’s the 3rd lawsuit filed to stop Myrtle Beach from enforcing the recently passed ordinances to curb the motorcycle rallies. Plaintiffs seek an injunction to have the ordinances declared unconstitutional.

Awesome Aluminum Body Work

Hi Cyril, ‘I’ve been reading your blog for quite some time now. I really enjoy seeing the new parts that are becoming available because I love motorcycles. But after seeing the Ferrari concept, I felt it was time to show you mine. I design, fabricate and finish my bikes myself.

Thousands Turn Out For Indian Motorcycle Flagship Dealer Grand Opening

The staff at Indian Motorcycle didn’t know what to expect before this weekend. But the opportunity to visit the Indian Motorcycle plant in Kings Point, NC and the chance to ride with Chairman Stephen Julius from the headquarter to the new Charlotte Dealership attracted thousand of bikers.

Halloween Masks. Obama Wins. And The Election?

If sales of Halloween Masks could predict the result of the Presidential election, Obama would easily win. At least it proves something. People prefer to look like Obama than McCain. Or maybe Obama is more scary than McCain. Or…But did you notice that the percentages for each candidate mask are very close to the ones […]

Teardrop Seat Post Mounted Electronic Module

Wire Plus Electronics is proud to introduce their ’08-‘09 tear drop shaped seat post mounted system. This brand new system features a classic contemporary teardrop shaped chromed billet housing that mounts the power control module and ignition switch. This assembly plugs into a pre-assembled harness that will be selected by the style of switches and […]

Welcome To Iron City. Watch Your Back

The most notorious town in the South Iron City, Tennessee. Urban legends tell of an isolated Southern town where the residents ran-off their police department and outsiders fear to tread. To blues musician Big Mike Griffin, it seemed like great material for a song. So, he rides his Harley deep into Tennessee’s backwoods along with […]

You Love Biker Poetry And You Still Don’t Know.

The 1st time I listened to biker poetry was in 1995 in Milwaukee at the Harley factory headquarter. I just met with Dr. Martin Jack Rosenblum, Harley-Davidson Historian Emeritus. After some small talk about custom motorcycles, he invited me to join a group of bikers to listen to his motorcycling poetry. I clearly remember being […]

Ami James Launches “Love Hate Choppers” Jewelry Collection

            Ami James from hit TV series “Miami Ink” just teamed up with jeweler Larry Weymouth, a.k.a. Benj, to produce a line of bike jewelry featuring details taken from Ami’s original logo design. Ami’s tattoo and creative designs are now available on belt buckles, necklaces, bracelets and lots of other […]

Italian Diamond For Your Carburetor

This piece of Italian Jewelry will hide your carburetor and possibly this Diamond air cleaner may work as a chicks magnet. Machined from billet aluminum, the front cover is bolted through from the rear for a very clean look. The inside cover features an air directional cone that provide great airflow. Size is 7” X […]

Diners Theme Motorcycle.

Like burgers and ketchup Bikes and Diners mix very well with each other. This motorcycle was created by Garrison as a theme bike for a television show called “DINERS” which will air Sunday, October 5th at 6pm on Connecticut Public Television (CPTV). “DINERS” captures the joy of being on a motorcycle and finding those out-of-the-way […]

Loud Pipes. Open Letter Of Tom Zimberoff To Harley-Davidson

              In a former Article about “motorcycle noise”, I posted a link to an Essay written on this topic by Jim McCaslin, President and Chief Operating Officer of Harley-Davidson Motor Company. Tom Zimberoff, “Chief Chopperating Officer” and best selling author of the 2 hard cover books “Art Of The […]

½ Pint By Guilty Customs

Here the plan. Bring a Buell Thunderbolt (or it will be provided). Guilty Customs will use most of the components of the donor bike, install them on a Twisted Choppers frame, fab in-house all other components, convert the new bike to a chain drive, and as a result you get a very reasonably priced and […]

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