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Myrtle Beach New Bike Rally Ordinances Challenged In Court

Attorney Alice Paylor who is representing Shank and Phil Schoonover, who owns Harley Davidson of Myrtle Beach argued their cases against the city of Myrtle Beach and answered questions from federal judge Perry Wooten for 3 hours on Thursday morning October 30. Shank’s attorney asked for an injunction against the city to prevent the enforcement […]

Happy Halloween

Did you know? Halloween did not become a holiday in the United States until the 19th century, where lingering Puritan tradition restricted the observance of many holidays. American almanacs of the late 18th and early 19th centuries do not include Halloween in their lists of holidays. The transatlantic migration of nearly two million Irish following […]

Building The Bad Dog 215 Air Cooled Engine

“My name is Bill Price.  I am the designer of the Bad Dog 215–one of the biggest and most powerful air-cooled v-twin motorcycle engines ever designed.  I am a motorcycle enthusiast living and working in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. I’ve spent the past forty years working on motorized machinery–including tuning, rebuilding and modifying motorcycle engines.  […]

Saxon Motorcycles Expands In Scandinavia

Saxon Motorcycles Europe is proud to announce the launch of Saxon Motorcycles Scandinavia with a dealership in Denmark, Xtreme Machines in Glostrup (Copenhagen). A second dealership, Tailormade VTwin located in Malmö Sweden, will be opening his doors in March 2009. Saxon Motorcycles Europe has obtained the European Type Approval in February 2007 for the models […]

Extreme Leather Tooling Art

His name is Josh Ellingson. He was discovered” not a long time ago by Miles and Lorrie Brown of “Evil Twin Motorsickle” a custom motorcycles shop in beautiful Alberta, Canada. They first met him at a farmers market where Josh had a small table displaying some of the items he had made in his spare […]

Ultimate Vintage Motorbike

I am fond of the beach cruiser look and of white wall tires.  So, logically, at 1st glance I fell in love with this vintage motorbike by Ridley Motorcycles. It’s a small engine powered (49 or 70 cc) bicycle featuring the old-time look in a 1-piece tank frame (steel or aluminum), oversized 26” wheels, fender-mounted […]

Vintage Inspired “Honey Pot” Oil Filter

Ok, guys. It’s a motorcycle oil filter for oil and not a motorcycle pot for honey pot. Inspired by the “Hildebrandt” oil filters popularized during the ’50s and ’60s by Truckers and Hot Rod enthusiasts, the look, functionality and size have been improved for use on motorcycles by LA County Choprods.  It’s cast, heat treated and […]

Flash Of Genius. A Must See Movie.

Just released on the big screen, the true story about the invention, theft and the 30-year legal battle over the intermittent windshield wiper. Big corporations have time, money to pay high profile lawyers and power on their side. All the inventor Bob Kearns had was the truth. Shame on Ford. A must see movie. Flash Of Genius.

Air Dragger Shocks For Touring Bikes

Progressive Suspension has just released the Air Dragger Shocks combining a machined aluminum air chamber, velocity sensitive, multi-stage valving and an internal progressive rate coil sprin. This clean and simple shock system mounts to all late model touring bikes and is powered by a clever compressor unit that simply attach with a Velcro into the […]

Strokers Bikini Team To Help Our Troops

Mix 12 of Rick Fairless best custom bikes with 12 beautiful models shot in a pinup style, then add the superb graphic artwork and photos by celebrated photographer Darryl Briggs and you get one of the hottest calendars for 2009 to adorn your garage, office…or bedroom. The calendar production was sponsored by custom builder Rick […]

Antilock Brakes Lower Fatal Motorcycle Crashes

According to The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety antilock brakes could help motorcycle riders avoid fatal crashes, The fatal crash rate involving motorcycles equipped with optional antilock brakes, or ABS, was 38 percent lower than the rate involving similar motorcycles without the system. Like their counterparts on cars and trucks, antilock brakes help motorcycle riders […]

New RMD Billet Front End For Baggers

RMD teamed up with legendary innovator Leo DiOrio on this new front end for FL & FLH applications. It’s available in chrome/black anodize or all black anodize finish. This conventional front end also goes great with RMD’s 1-piece Black-Out Series wheels. Have the Brembo brake powder coated black and then RMD will reverse cut it […]

In-Wheel Electric Engine. Next For Your Motorcycle?

During the Mondial Auto Show, the Venturi Voltage was shown equipped with an electric engine incorporated in the wheel. Is the Michelin “Active wheel” tomorrow’s wheel and can it be adapted to a motorcycle? At first glance it looks like a regular wheel with its mounted tire, but inside a small engine is fed by […]

Triumph Motor Rebuilding

Saw quite a few new and old Triumphs during last Biketoberfest in Daytona. If you are rebuilding a 650 or 750 cc Triumph motor (helpful too for rebuilding a 500 cc), a 4-hour DVD is available teaching you step by step how to do it correctly. Your teacher will be British motorcycle expert Wes White […]

Picture Of The Week

The Treasury Department has just issued a new $1 bill to reflect the state of the economy… $5, $10, $20 bills will also be re-designed. To help Americans save more, starting tomorrow the consumer can’t use $50 & $100 bills anymore. After November 4th, all denominations above $20 must be returned to your primary bank […]

Dual Fang Coil Cover Kit

Mammoth Choppers introduces its Hot Rod Series billet coil cover. Machined from solid T-6061 billet aluminum then anodized black and machined again to achieve that contrast cut look. This coil covers include an adjustable top motor mount, coils, plugs, and mounting hardware for EVO/Big Twin motors. Made in the USA. For sale at Mammoth Choppers.

For The Love Of Wine Or Of Pinups Or Both

Good wine is a prelude to love…even more so when the label features a beautiful pinup coming from the PlayBoy collection. Try to forget about your mortgage, about the stock market and buy at least one bottle of this high end collector’s series wines. Only 550 bottles of each label are available and for the connoisseurs you have […]

JeremySumpter Tribal Long Sleeve Tee-Shirts

Whatever I imagine, these Logo Tribal Tees are still the ones we sell the most. Tell me why? So we just printed 500 more and it’s time for you to show your support to your favorite Blogger by ordering a couple. Back of tee-shirt is screen-printed with our slogan “Absolute Customs”. Front is printed with […]

New Macho Retro Velocity Stack

It’s called “Dicks Cool Unit” and was initially designed to bolt on a Mikuni carburetor. But with a provided adapter it fits CV, S&S and EFI units (up to 07). It is machined from aircraft grade aluminum and CNC cut to precision with a black anodized base, so you can paint, polish or plate to […]

Paughco 45 Bobber/Chopper Frame

This awesome new frame from Paughco will allow you to build yourself a very cool chopper using that ole 45-incher that’s been serving as a door stop for the past few of decades. Better yet the new Paugho 45 frame allows you to toss that old 3-speed and replace it with a 74 4-speed. The […]

Our Tax System Explained?

Quite interesting. To read slowly (thanks Scott). Suppose that every day, ten men go out for beer and the bill for all ten comes to $100. If they paid their bill the way we pay our taxes, it would go something like this: The first four men (the poorest) would pay nothing. The fifth would […]

Billy Lane Trial Update

Billy Lane’s pending manslaughter charge revolves around the results of his blood test. The State of Florida was not allowed to view the results of the tests ordered by Lane’s defense and therefore has now sent the blood work to another expert. , State Attorney Tom Brown says that the DUI case is getting closer […]

The Real Story Behind The Easy Rider Movie Choppers

With his astute slogan “If it ain’t long, it’s wrong”, fellow custom builder Sugar Bear builds long Springer front ends, and therefore long choppers, since now 37 years. And the man who started producing these zero flop smooth handling street-rideable choppers in 1971 knows a lot about the industry and its untold true stories. Like who really […]

Blings Cycles Nickled Knucklehead

 The Knuckle engine, or “61 OHV” as the Harley-Davidson factory originally called it, is a beautiful classic choice for many of today’s customs. In its 74” version it has enough punch (45 hp) to satisfy a lot of our riding needs, especially when placed in a rigid frame. “Nickled Knuckle” is a fine example of […]

Easy And Comfortable Hydraulic Clutch For Your Big Twin

Difficult to beat a hydraulic clutch for smooth/precise shifting and for hiding your clutch line by making it do circumvolutions around your bike components (or inside your bars or frame). Georges Garage offers these new hydraulic clutch covers in polished, chrome or black that you can install on any 87-06 transmissions. They are precision machined […]

Norton Motorcycles Back Under British Ownership

One of the world’s most famous motorcycle brands is back under British ownership. English businessman Stuart Garner plans reviving Norton after buying rights to the name from an American company in a multi-million pound deal. Included are legendary Norton names such as Commando and Dominator. The first Norton motorbike was produced in 1902 and production […]