Eco-Fabulous In Chopper Couture


I wrote before about a brand committed to green living designing and manufacturing a line of edgy women fashion tops, pants, jackets and hoodies, all made with eco-friendly bamboo, lyocell and organic cotton. All the clothing line is individually artisan silkscreen printed by hand and embellished with Swarovski crystals. Ladies, now Chopper Couture has an online store open 24/7 to avoid you to spend a fortune in gas. Commit yourself to green living and become eco-fabulous. .

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  1. 1 Mar 14th, 2008 at 4:21 pm

    I guess I’m just not buying into the “green” thing… I still want to drive/ride vehicles that burn dinosaur bones, wear clothes made from animal skins, and eat things that had a face. It’s not that I don’t like animals, I just like eating them more!

  2. 2 Nicker Mar 19th, 2008 at 1:56 pm


    “…just not buying into the β€œgreen” thing…”

    Good call.

    “…still want to drive/ride …”

    But that shouldn’t be only reason.

    The “Green movement” is about politics and power, not pollution and peace.
    Mikhail Gorbachev is a sponsor of the Earth Charter, an international, anti-American, program for School Children.
    Pay attention to the “Green” ideas being pumped into your kids at school.

    “… social and economic justice and respect culture and ecological diversity and integrity …. The Earth Charter provides critical content for developing of curricula with the educational aim of teaching values and principles for sustainable living..”

    Look around and see what some of these clowns mean by -Sustainable Living-

    RE: (Frijtof Capra -Green Party leader)
    “…We can incorporate ecological wisdom, sustainability, respect for diversity and social justice in our classrooms….”

    RE: (Flint & Houser -Living a Sustainable Lifestyle for Our Children-)
    “…first step toward reducing our ecological impact is to recognizethat the ‘environmental crisis’ is less an environmental and technical problem than is is a human behavioral and social one … Clearly, most of the required action is on the social side rather than on the science side…”

    Well, ya…. because not all science agrees with the Green hypothesis.

    RE: (Russell Mittermeier -Harvard parasitologist – president Conservation International)
    “…despite population growth, logging and other environmental threats nearly half of the earth remains remains unpopulated wilderness…”

    But people like Gorbachev are now peddling the same old crap in a “Green wrapper” that they couldn’t sell in a “Cold War political wrapper.”

    RE: (David Korten -Globalizing Civil Society-)
    “…Sustainable societies will need to discourage incomes larger than necessary to support a modest sustainable lifestyle, advertising that discourages unnecessary consumption and the concntrastion of fiscal assets … The over-consumers —the people whose lifestyles are unsustainable …are those whose lives are organized around automobiles, airplanes and meat-based-diets…”

    Unfortunately, most Americans are oblivious to this agenda.
    I thing by-n-lager, real bikers get it because we’re the last of the Rugged American Individuals.
    My hat’s off to ya Dave…. You get it……. πŸ™‚

    A good one-stop info source on the Green movement is “Set Up & Sold Out” by Swanson.

    Hay, freedom is about decisions;
    Buy a book -vs- Buy a beer, it a decision.


  3. 3 May 18th, 2008 at 12:19 pm

    Hey Dave B. and Nicker,
    Unless you’re into cross-dressing (not that there’s anything wrong with that… I guess?) this Chopper eco fashion isn’t really meant for you, so let us biker chics decide for ourselves!
    Cool stuff though!

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