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Canadian Biker Build-Off. Biggest And Baddest In Canada.

Due to geographical location, participants, type of scheduled activities, each bike show, rally or exhibition has its own flavor. It was my 1st time at the 3rd edition of the Canadian Biker Build-Off held in Ontario last weekend. Not only is the area beautiful (visit Niagara Falls and the wineries), the people extremely friendly, but the bikes produced […]

Harley Serialized 105th Anniversary Limited Edition

For the 105th Anniversary Harley-Davidson will offer 14 models with a special package of Anniversary features, including exclusive paint and accessories. Production of these motorcycles will be limited and serialized. They will have an exclusive, two-tone paint scheme in shimmering Anniversary Copper and Vivid Black, traced with orange and pale gold pin striping. Some models […]

True Biker Story. Hilarious.

In the News-Tribune, Editor/Publisher Rebecca Tudley writes this true story. “The way my friend told it, this guy pushed his motorcycle from the patio into his living room where he began to clean the engine with some rags and a bowl of gasoline. When he finished, he sat on the motorcycle and decided to start […]

Battistinis Brake Arms For Touring Bikes

          Braking in style. Adding to the impressive lineup of quality components from Battistinis Custom Cycles, their new brake lever for FLT/touring models sets a higher standard. Machined from 6061-T6 billet aluminum for strength and drilled for lightness and style, Battistinis new brake lever stands apart from the rest. Available in chrome […]

Canadian Biker Build-Off And Niagara Falls

This weekend I have the best of both worlds. A motorcycle event surrounded by Canadian friends and the possibility, with these same friends, to ride the gorgeous Niagara region both on the Canadian & American side. During these 3 days I am going to take pictures and tell you about this 3rd edition of the […]

Billy Lane Civil Lawsuit Settled Out Of Court

After a long mediation between the family of Gerald Morelock Family with Billy Lane and attorneys for DaimlerChrysler, an out of court settlement has been negotiated and agreed. The civil action was filed in October of 2006 by June Morelock, the mother of Gerald Morelock against William D. Lane and Daimler Chrysler for the wrongful death of […]

On My Way To The Canadian Biker Build-Off

Thanks to Wi-Fi, I am uploading this post from JFK New York  airport where I am in transit boarding a plane to Canada where I am the guest of this weekend 3rd edition of the Canadian Biker Build-Off. The 3-day event is located on the Niagara Exhibition Grounds in Welland Ontario and attracts a huge crowd of bikers from both sides […]

Harley-Davidson 2008 Screamin’ Eagle Softail Springer

                For 2008 Harley-Davidson rolls out a nostalgic CVO Eagle Softail Springer. This creation from Harley-Davidson Custom Vehicle Operations (CVO) takes a timeless Harley-Davidson motorcycle to a more powerful level with a Twin Cam 110B engine. The Harley-Davidson CVO group creates limited-production, exclusive motorcycles produced by a team […]

It’s Official. S&S Buys Flathead Power

I got the news last week from a journalist in Sweden via another journalist in Japan. But S&S refused to confirm until the deal was closed today July 25th. S&S is right now “on the ground” of Flathead Power in Louisiana to package and load all the assets for shipment to the S&S facility in Viola, […]

Mordor Exhaust Tips

When Joe McGlynn from Crime Scene Choppers imagined these radical exhaust tips he didn’t even see the movie Lord Of The Rings. But when he showed his new creation to a couple of friends around him, they all said (add me) that they look like something evil built in Mordor. So, the name stuck. Since […]

2008 Sturgis Rally Commemorative

  After thinking of many potential compositions to commemorate the 2008 Sturgis Bike Week, painter David Uhl decided to paint something rather current. As starting point, he used a picture he had taken in Sturgis at the Chip of Elizabeth perched on his own Springer. And yes, it’s David you can(not) see in the mirror. David, I am desperately seeking Elisabeth…    

Optional ABS On 2008 Harley-Davidson Touring And V-Rod Models

Most people know that ABS or anti-lock braking system is a system on motor vehicles which prevents the wheels from locking while braking. The purpose of this is to allow the driver to maintain steering control under heavy braking and, in some situations, to shorten braking distances by allowing the driver to hit the brake fully without […]

An American In Paris

              I am not making reference to the famous 1951 movie an “American In Paris”, but to Bill Dodge from Blings Cycles having a good time in the the French capital, my native city. Since it would have been difficult for Bill (because of legislation) to ride one of […]

George’s Leather Design

Tool rolls, tank panels, pouches that you can snap in and off your bike, and whatever you want to dress your bike with in the leather of your choice, George does it since 1982. And he does it a little bit better than the others because the little extra details make the difference between good and awesome […]

Wilwood Brakes & Discs

There are quite a few brands of very good motorcycle brakes & discs. Brembo, Performance Machine, HHI, Jay Brake, RC Components, etc…Another good brand that I used one time and that I don’t see very much on bikes around me is Wilwood. This company has an extensive experience with cars, trucks and motorcycles. What’s different? I […]

Sturgis Downloadable Map

Do you lose quite a bit of time when you are in Sturgis asking for directions? Want to know where the hots spots are?  Do you want to know where are certain vendors, custom builders, music, roadhouses, eats, and etc.Do you want to get the biggest bang for your visit?To get the most of a motorcycles event, you need a map and a […]

Kiwi Indian Flathead Engine

Suited for bobbers, choppers and any customs with old school look, it’s no surprise that this Flathead offered in 80 or 84 displacement comes from Indian Kiwi Motorcycles. It will be hand crafted for you in Kiwi’s facility in Riverside California and of course tested and pre-run before delivery. It’s a 42-degree v-twin flathead design […]

Living The Legend. Buy A Rivet And Give It To Harley.

The Harley-Davidson Museum is inviting motorcycle enthusiasts worldwide to give a unique holiday gift this year by participating in “Living the Legend”. Here how it works. You go to the Harley Museum Website. You buy for yourself (or a friend, or a family member, co-worker, etc) one or several stainless steel rivets (3 or 6-inch […]

Harley-Davidson 2007 Second Quarter Results

Revenue for the quarter was $1.62 billion compared to $1.38 billion in the year ago quarter, a 17.7 percent increase. Net income for the quarter was $290.5 million compared to $243.4 million, an increase of 19.3 percent over the second quarter of 2006.  “During the second quarter, 95,117 Harley-Davidson® motorcycles were shipped to dealers around […]

Did You Say Sapka Muvek?

Sapka Muvek. Say it loud 3 times after me because you need to memorize their names and know who they are. They are the Hungarian duo who built the Time Machine (red one) winner of the AMD European Championship of Bike Building. This bike will be in Sturgis in 3 weeks for you to admire all […]

Soon An Annual Elvis Presley Rally?

Lisa Wade is the niece of Bruce Rossmeyer who owns the largest number of Harley Dealerships and also Daytona Destination Harley (total 12 locations). Since January 15, Lisa is in charge of the new Bruce Rossmeyer’s Elvis Presley Graceland Harley-Davidson boutique in Memphis, TN and intends to open in 2010 Destination Southern Thunder Harley-Davidson on […]

Billy Lane Criminal Case Delayed

As you know, I don’t make personal comments on the case of fellow builder Billy Lane. But for those who are asking over and over, below is factual information. (By Keyonna Summers Florida  Today). Lawyers for Billy Lane, the famed motorcycle builder charged with DUI manslaughter, will next appear in court Sept. 21, more than […]

New Rocker Softail Seat System

I received a flow of direct emails (please, comment directly on the Blog for everybody to read) regarding the new 2008 Softail Rocker (FXCW) and Rocker C (FXCWC). Reactions not only about what Harley-Davidson calls the Rockertail Rear End mimicking the hardtail look, but also about the seat systems used on these bikes. Here are 2 […]

Harley-Davidson Prepares 105th Anniversary Celebration

In 2008 Harley-Davidson will celebrate its 105th Anniversary with thousands of loyal Harley enthusiasts riding home to Milwaukee via 105 different official starting points and along 25 major routes across the country. The celebration will take place August 28-31, 2008, with several exclusive ticketed events, as well as many activities that are free and open […]

Harley-Davidson In Japan. Did You Know?

Until last year, a law prevented two people from riding on one motorcycle on the Japanese highways. Since this rule was scrapped sales jumped 13% in one year. The number of new Harley-Davidson registered in Japan hit a record of 14,000 in 2006, 48 percent more than in 2000.  Japanese have always been enthusiastic with […]

Switches In Your Grips

I don’t know what it is worth and if it is really practical when riding. but a company called Grip Ace offers grips inorporating microprocessor controlled switches. They even propose to install this system on your own grips. You can watch the video with more information by going to their website at Grip Ace. If you […]

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