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Big Bear Choppers New GTX Bagger

After a hiatus of almost 15 years, baggers are again attracting customizers and small volume bike manufacturers.They are all busy at designing very creative touring bikes. A good example is Big Bear Choppers with their new Grand Touring C-Wedge (GTX) which will be offered for sale in November as part of the 2008 fleet. You will […]

Martin Bros New Exhaust Systems

            Long time that the Martin Brothers (Joe & Jason) didn’t release new  parts and specifically new exhaust systems. July 1st, you will be able to order from them these new pipes to fit all Softails models (including customs, of course) with standard left side drive. These exhausts will come with removable baffles […]

Motorcycle Wheel Spacing

You change your front end or your wheel (s), or build a bike from the ground up. Nothing you can do without the right spacers. And don’t expect that the front end or wheel manufacturer is going to tell you or provide the right spacers setup. Why? Because it’s impossible due to the multitude of […]

Leather Meets Lace At The Playboy Mansion

What do motorcycles, Hollywood and the Playboy Mansion have in common? Absolutely nothing. Except that October 6, 2007 motorcycle industry entrepreneurs, dealers and enthusiasts will meet at the Playboy Mansion to raise money for several 501(c)charities. All guests will enjoy Playboy mansion hospitality and games, tented dinner, live entertainment, photo opportunities, etc. Several price packages […]

Motorcycle Tire Rings

I am not in jewelry. Most of what I see in rallies is a lot of junk or too much bling for me. But you can still discreetly show your passion for motorcycles by wearing one of these tire rings from Brian Bergeron Designs. They are no bling, just tread in a wide range of […]

Spy Pictures Of The 2008 Ford F-250 Harley Edition

              The F-150 Harley-Davidson was painted purple. The coming Super F-250 Heavy Duty Harley-Davidson truck gets a black-and-copper paint scheme all around. Copper-colored lower rocker panels continue around the rear wheel well to wrap the rear bumper, and copper-colored seat inserts and trim panels dress up the big truck’s […]

128 Decibels Of Attitude.

You care or you don’t care having a horn on your motorcycle. Me I don’t care because I solely rely on my judgment and on the noise of my pipes. You know what I mean. If I have absolutely to install one on a ground up bike that I am building, I install a mini […]

Memorial Day Weekend

  It’s a weekend to remember and to relax. I am going nowhere because I hate to travel when others do. Just staying in my hometown of Boca Raton FLorida enjoying traveling life at a slower speed. Maybe I will write a few more posts for you to enjoy next week. But most of you […]

Letter From A Marine Back From Iraq

From Sgt David P. Willer "This letter is well over due. I would like to take the time to thank each and everyone one of you that had something to do with the building of my bike. To refresh your memory I am the Marine that while in Iraq had 3/4 of my bike sold out […]

Billy Lane Has New Guns

For those putting riding comfort as their number one priority, Billy Lane of Choppers Inc introduces new Six Gun Rubber Grips. These grips are the logical evolution of his Six Gun line-up of parts and accessories (heel/toes shifter, shifter pegs, fold-up pegs, gas cap, chopper aluminum grips & pegs). Billy intends to release new products […]

Canadian Biker Build-Off. 3rd Edition.

To all my fellow Canadians, just a reminder that the 3rd edition of the Canadian Biker Build-Off will be held July 27/28/29. The BBO competition is open only to Canadian custom bike builders with only one custom bike authorized to compete for each builder. After judging, Canada’s Top 5 are ranked 5-4-3-2-1 by public ballot […]

Captain Japan By Chica

                      I can’t distinguish Hiragana, Katakana or Kanji Japanese alphabets. But I know a couple of things about Japanese design. First, it’s all about pure lines and uncluttered spaces. Second, Japanese design is asymmetry because symmetry is stagnant and asymmetry is creative. Since I share the […]

Is Al Gore Reading JeremySumpter Blog?

A reader emailed me this picture published by Time Magazine showing former US Vice President and current Apple Inc. Board of Directors member Al Gore’s personal (Apple) computer setup featuring no less than 3 Apple Cinema HD displays. His email comment was “Look Cyril. Gore is reading your Blog”. I am not sure at all. As […]

A Pro-Street Frame Engineered To Endure

Mike Beland of A1 Cycles in Florida builds unusual bikes with a tendency to go to the extreme by putting in the same frame 2 engines and of course 2 drivelines (and making them work). From this experience Mike has a taste for frames with fat tubes and extra heavy wall thickness. So, no surprise […]

Soul Shaker Dual Belt Drive

Designed by Mark Daley of Thunderstruck Custom Bikes and produced by RMD, this new belt drive system has the particularity of using not one, but two 1 ¾” belts. I like the simple and original outer bearing support and the fact that the kit uses a Barnett Scorpion clutch. Both left & side drive configurations are […]

New Forge-Tec Custom Motorcycle Wheels

                  Advanced Metalforming Technologies, Inc. (AMT), is a supplier of wheel blanks to many of the industry’s leading wheel manufacturers. Under the brand name of Forge-Tec Motorcycle Wheels and Accessories, the company is now manufacturing their own wheel designs. Forge-Tec has already 13 new styles available in […]

Touchless Bike Cover

          We all know the advantages of a bike cover: protection from the elements, rust, damage, and one that many don’t know: your bike has less chance to be stolen. So, everybody should use one. And now the choice is wider with this all new “touchless cover” to hide your custom […]

Exclusive. The Crocker C4 Concept Motorcycle

The Crocker C4 Concept you admire here was designed by Daryl R. Tearne, for the Crocker Motorcycle Co. The C4 gets its name from being the 4th model in the Crocker lineup, after the “Speedway”, the “Small Tank” and finally the “Big Tank”. In conceiving the C4, the objective was to build a modern Crocker […]

Ladies Tour De Force For Great Causes

The event: Midwest Cycle Mania. The place: Green Bay, Wisconsin. The objective: raising money for 2 foundations. The challenge: assemble a custom bike in 8 hours. The team: 4 ladies (Laura Ellifson of Klockwerks, Tami Walker of Diva Customs, Jody Perewitz of Perewitz Cycles, Sara Liberte of North Hills Cycles). Thanks to an elaborate plan […]

Independent Gas Tank Acquired By Bad Toys Holdings

Bad Toys Holdings, Inc. (OTCBB: BTYH) announced today that it has entered into a Letter of Intent to acquire the assets of Independent Gas Tank Co. of Gilbert, AZ. Kyle Krejci, the former owner of Independent Gas Tank, will accept the position of General Manager of the newly acquired tank company as well as General […]

Detroit Brothers Menace

From the Detroit Brothers, a couple of good parts for bad boys. The Menace headlight and velocity stack are both CNC machined from T6 aluminum and are sold machine finish or highly polished. They tell me that the Menace headlight is incredibly bright even with the grille which can be positioned horizontally or vertically. It […]

Hard Core Chopper Stickers & Decals

You didn’t have the time to look for it, or you could not find it in Daytona or Sturgis or Laughlin or Laconia….Just go online at Chopper Stickers to find the hard core sticker or decal to adorn your helmet (if you wear one), your tool box, or whatever you want. They stock 1000’s of […]

B’Cool Steel Fenders

Not all steel fenders are born equal. B’COOL Products is now offering their new FCF 200 Rigid Series fenders. They are CNC spun from 11 gauge cold rolled steel, fully TIG welded and metal finished. At 8.5" wide they offer exceptional fit and a look that will make others envious. Like all B’COOL fenders they are guaranteed not to split, spring, […]

Panhead Rocker Covers

If I had to pick only 1 bike to own and hold on to for the rest of my life, it would be a genuine Panhead (1948-1965). And of course I would add a few personal touches like these finned dishpan rocker boxes. They are made since 1968 by Randy Smith of Custom Cycle Engineering […]

Pleasures Of A V-Twin Wine

                Scott Del Fava, Brand Manager for V-Twin Vineyards knows that I enjoy the pleasures of a good red wine. He was nice enough to send me a couple of bottles for me to taste his new Zinfandel. Let me tell you first that as a designer I […]

Custom Triumph Street Fighter You Can Buy

I love BSA, Norton and Triumph. And when Triumph is producing a cool custom bike, I have to tell you. Only 50 of these Street Fighters will be produced and I guarantee that they will sell-out quickly.  If you are interested, they will be available in June and you should your local dealer immediately to […]

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