The Deep Idea Of DeepFinish

Polishing, shining, waxing and detailing. Everybody is claiming to be the best. You tried (almost) all products available from a very saturated “appearance product market” and now you believe no one. Well, wait 1 minute. If you, like me, have been disappointed it’s probably because too many products pretend to be the all in one miracle solution to both treat & polish different materials like aluminum and chrome, or wax and detail at the same time. Like an individual no product can excel at everything it does. It’s the deep idea behind all 4 products: do only one thing and be the best at it. So, each product specializes in 1 material and 1 purpose only. To perform to the point that you can see the difference with your own eyes. Maybe is the brand you will be faithful to when shining your motorcycle, car, SUV or boat. Worth a try by ordering online at .

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  1. 1 Jaimie Mar 23rd, 2007 at 5:52 pm

    Any distributor. Auto or motorcycle shops?

  2. 2 Mar 23rd, 2007 at 7:28 pm

    Jaimie, I am the owner of Deep Products Company and and we just recently introduced these products to the market.
    At this time we are getting quite a few Harley dealers picking up our line in many areas of the country and larger distribution is being arranged as I write you this response. I do not know where you are located so I can suggest the following: Because the reaction to the products has be so favorable we set up availability on the website .
    I must say that our research into addressing the primary cleaning issues the enthusiast market faces were spot on. Especially with the chrome and aluminum polishes. When someone can notice the difference after polishing new chrome (and NEVER a scratch) they tend to look at me and ask “how the hell did you do that?”. As people have been ordering product, we shortly after end up with a dealer in their area inquiring about the product line.
    We will be adding our list of dealers to our site within the next week. But if there is not a dealer in your area, you will be able to direct order from us for now. Anyone that registers on the website will be notified when a dealer is signed on in there area.
    Additionally, I would like to thank Cyril for recognizing the uniqueness of our approach. There seems to be so much hype about products out there that can do it all with one product. When someone says that the wax they use on there paint is good protection for their chrome exhaust pipes, I know someones been had. To many companies do this. Show me a wax that can stand up to the same heat that can instantly burn a 6 inch raspberry in human skin and you will raise even my skeptical eyebrows.

    Thanks again for the interest,

    Scott Kennedy

  3. 3 dragon Mar 28th, 2007 at 7:24 am

    that is very true no one polish can last on chrome and paint and i’m going to try some of your product

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