Willie G. Davidson To Speak At 19th Annual Hall Of Fame Museum Fundraiser In Daytona Beach

No. In this picture Willie G.Davidson is not handcuffed. I think he tries to explain what is the optimal degree for a V-Twin engine. Anyway, Harley-Davidson styling guru and Motorcycle Hall of Fame member William G. Davidson will share his vision of Harley-Davidson’s iconic design heritage at the 19th Annual Motorcycle Hall of Fame Museum Fundraising Breakfast. This breakfast will be held at the Hilton Daytona Beach from 9 AM to 11 AM on March 9. Each year, funds raised at the Breakfast play an important role in supporting the non-profit Motorcycle Hall of Fame Museum’s mission of education and preservation, including world-class exhibits. Willie G. Davidson is the Senior Vice President and Chief Styling Officer for Harley-Davidson, and he continues to guide the company’s team of innovative designers. He was one of 13 employees to buy the company back from AMF and guide it to financial health during the 1980s. A passionate rider, Davidson continues to be an immensely popular participant in motorcycle rallies and events around the country. He is one of the most widely recognized enthusiasts in the world. If you want to listen, meet with Willie G., get his autograph or simply look for sponsorship opportunities the museum at 614-856-2222. For a complete Willie G. biography please visit the Motorcycle Hall of Fame website .