Model Year For Harley-Davidson

 I remember the time when riding a 80 cubic inch Evolution on the South Florida I 95, I always feared not being able to have enough engine power to escape caged old ladies confusing right & left turn signals. I also remember that during Sturgis Bike Week, I always got frustrated of not being able to zoom to the top of the hills of Wyoming & South Dakota. 88 cubic inch Twin Cam A & B with restrictive exhaust to meet EPA emissions rules also failed to convince me to ride a standard factory Harley. Fast forward to the 2007 models and everything changed for the best. Gone the anemic engine, gone the noisy & grinding transmission, gone the carburetor. Keeping for reliability the 3 ¾” bore of its predecessor, but equipped with a longer stroke crankshaft, the new 96” Harley engine is a true screamer. As a matter of fact, what you get now is basically out of the dealership showroom what was before a hopped up Screaming Eagle engine. I rode tested a couple of new models bought by friends and I never been happier on a stock Harley. The fuel injection system fulfills its objective of a better air/ fuel ratio for better performance and mileage. The new helical-cut gears 6-speed transmission is quiet, The gauges look better. The seats are comfortable (but not as good looking as I would like). And many more details which make me think I could almost (I said almost) keep a 2007 stock Harley in my garage without touching it. Wow. The factory just impressed me. If you own one, write to me.

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  1. 1 Billy Bartels Dec 16th, 2006 at 2:24 pm

    I’ve ridden a couple of them now, and am truly impressed. They hop-up nicely too, with just pipes and an air cleaner the torque and hp go up by 7 or so.

    I just found your blog, very cool stuff. I just talked to Cory Ness the other day and he didn’t mention the event in January, Thanks Cyril!

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