To The Few Ones Who Don’t Know Charlie Brechtel

If you still don’t know him, you didn’t live the biker lifestyle long enough. For over 32 years,has been playing his music in all major biker events. If the biker lifestyle would be music, it would be the great guitar licks of Charlie. A native of New Orleans, he is not just a player but a composer, arranger, songwriter and Producer. His songs are about translating the soul of the American biker in soulful rocking blues, A folk hero himself, he likes to write music and pay tribute to other folk heroes of our industry like David Mann and Indian Larry. His latest album called ‘Iron Buffalo” is a collection of 13 songs telling you stories about real people just doing their thing. Visit his website where you can listen to his new tracks, order a CD and also watch video clips of Charlie playing with legends like John Lee Hooker and Albert Collins.

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